Friday, August 10, 2007

I thought I'd clear up a couple things, just in case. I am male, not female, no matter who says otherwise. And I got my name, Krepta, from my favorite character in my favorite childhood sci-fi series called "My Teacher is an Alien" by Bruce Coville. I loved that series so much that I took the Alien-given name of Krepta, which means Child of the Stars. I'm a space case, so, it makes sense. :)

I have never met another Krepta face to face, but I've heard there are others. Grrrr. hehehe. If you see me around, be gentle, I bruise easily. I love chatting on Cyan Chat the address is for the Official site of Cho, but if you want you can also use IRC to get to Cho at irc:// and there are plenty of people having fun there, so come join in sometime. :)

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