Monday, October 1, 2007

Still unemployed

Well, if you are reading my blog, I'm amazed. Who are you? Never mind, maybe it's best I don't know. Anyway, I'm still Unemployed, and maybe at one of the mid points of my depression cycle. I am obsessed, and therefore must dump the contents of my brain in order to get some kind of peace. My Brain Dump is a collection of thoughts, and insane ramblings, but mostly links to files that my insane ramblings elsewhere can link to. Hahaha... Ahem. Yes, I do post messages, numerous and large, on Forums and BBSes and such. If you find me, don't hurt me, I'm fragile. Don't hate me, I'm an idiot. I'm also probably a bit of a Savant. I probably have a form of Autism. No, I will not continue to type, I'm too tired.