Thursday, November 22, 2007

Employedness!!! :)

I have a job, woot! I am now with the employedness I wanted so much, at Higginbotham Associates which means I call people and somehow convince them to do a survey for me. I get paid minimum wage unless I complete a survey. The goal is 1 survey per hour, but I have yet to achieve that at all. The most I get in a day is 4 surveys. I get paid a bonus for each survey completed, which is based on which city I'm calling, and is dependent on how badly we need them done, I think. So like if we are Almost at the quota we need for a particular city, or we are getting to the end of the deadline for completing it, the bonus will go up. I think. So far the bonus is higher for cities that are nearly impossible to get a survey in. We are assigned cities to call, and times to stop calling those cities, so I can't just do whatever city I feel like. And I just decided to get a security guard job through Thomas Protective Services at $9/hr because the recruiter was very persuasive, and because I'm not getting enough surveys. But I think I want to try to juggle the two jobs, something I've never done before. And my brother who works at University of Phoenix wants me to apply for an open position in Desktop Support, which I'm trained for and like doing a lot. So maybe I'll wave bye to the security job... which is another thing I've never done before. This is crazy stuff I've never gone through before, all of a sudden I've got all these opportunities to choose from! And yes, I'm still obsessed with numbers, etc.