Monday, April 28, 2008

How I would run HA

Now don't think that I know how to run a business, I'm absolutely NOT management material, IMHO, but, I have ideas for how to improve things all the time, and maybe some of them might be good ideas. So, let's start with Higginbotham Associates, where I work on the phone at one of two phone centers calling people to do surveys. These are just my ideas below, nothing to get angry about, sheesh. My ideas do not necessarily reflect things Wrong with Higginbotham Associates, some are just general suggestions for Any business. Again, no getting mad, gosh.

1) Employees come and go and work at will, no set schedule, no paid lunch period, unless they set and keep a Reservation, like at a restaurant. If you set a Reservation, as in you schedule ahead of time when you will start work, when you will take lunch break, etc., you will get paid lunch and paid breaks, plus a Reservation Bonus of some amount, like $5/day, but only as long as you Stick to your Reservation. If you break your Reservation, as in you're late for work or late getting back from break or something, you lose paid lunch, paid breaks, and your Reservation Bonus for THAT DAY ONLY. You can try again the next day. Reservations must be set a week in advance, and your Reservation also Reserves a Seat, or Workstation, for you for that specific time period, which will be posted along with your name and employee number at each workstation. That's what the week in advance is for, to give time to post stuff. You get paid for what you do, paid for how long you work, etc., just as is done right now anyway.

2) Survey Bonus structure is split into Sections of a survey completed, some of these surveys take a long time, my longest was about an hour and a half, and it seems entirely unfair to do that much work only to have to reschedule it because the Qualified Respondent is unable to finish at that time, then when someone else finishes the survey you did all that work on, THEY get the Bonus for Completing the Survey. So, Survey Section Bonus PLUS Survey Complete Bonus structure. Like $2 per section, and $3 for Completion, or something. I'm not a programmer, don't know how to setup something like this, but surely such tracking CAN be done.

3) Ceiling Fans on every floor, every room, they save a lot on electricity, it's a proven fact, and help keep the temperature moderated by keeping the air circulating well. Good circulation is very beneficial for everyone.

4) Pleasant Lighting, like windows and skylights, soft lights, no more harsh fluorescents!

5) A NICE Break Room with Nice cushioned seats, for every building, for all employees, period.

6) Good Back/Lumbar Support for every employee, good ergonomics for computer workstations, period.

7) Health care coverage, and dental, for all employees, effective as soon as possible after start of employment. Healthy employees work better, work longer, stay with the company, well worth the investment. Unless you like high turn around rate, burning out, using up, throwing away employees by the dozens every week, having to train new people All the time, a never ending meat grinder. I personally think that's bad for business, and bad for the economy as a whole. So no meat grinder.

My disclaimer for all this is that I'm not a businessman, I am not management, and I'm an idiot. Take all of this with a grain of salt, or two, or a pound.

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