Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update time, or something

Well I am still happily employed at two jobs, as a security guard at one, and a professional telephone annoyer at the other.  If you get a phone call saying "Hello, I'm Aaron with Higginbotham Associates, I'm not trying to sell anything, I'm just trying to do a (brief) survey for your community. Have I reached you at your residence?" you will probably want to get very mean and say horrible things and hang up on me.  Well please don't.  I don't earn much unless I complete, that's COMPLETE, surveys.  A few questions done means nothing at all as far as bonuses.  And I'm making minimum wage if I don't get bonuses.  But that's only if I'm never even one minute late getting to work, or getting back from break.  If I am, I lose 75% of my bonus money for that week.  So let's say I come in two minutes late on the first day of the work week, which is always tuesday.  I automatically get only 25% of my bonus money from that point on for the rest of the week.  A typical bonus is like $3 per survey completed.  Gee, what's 1/4th of $3?  Ooo, that's only 75 cents per survey, on top of minimum wage.  And oh yah, if the person I'm talking to likes to yammer a lot about thier life when I'm trying to get them to answer my survey questions as efficiently as possible, the survey could take twice as long, at least.  The shortest time I have is like 12 minutes.  The longest time I had, because of a very very chatty person who kept complaining about how long it was taking, was like 2 hours.  OMFG!!!  Serisously, who in thier right mind wants to take that long on a survey, sure as heck not the one asking the questions!

Ok, so I've been very very sick, nearly to death, for about three weeks, and I'm suffering financially from the whole not working thing.  I hate that.  Seriously, I may complain about work, but I can't stand not working.  I love having a job, it gives me purpose in life, when I can't work, I get really bad headaches from worrying about the not working.  I can't just sit back and enjoy the lack of working.  It drives me nuts.

BTW my link changed to point at my blog instead of at my numeric obsession, a new link was created for that.  So now you get to my blog at and my obsession at  If you don't like that, oh well, whatever, isn't my site, it's just an awesome portal to all things D'ni and Myst run by someone else, that's all.

And now, for a true rant!  Do Not Believe the Lies told by the pharmacuetical companies about heartburn, acid reflux disease, and gurd, or whatever, and the supposed cure they claim to be antacids.  Do NOT take antacids, unless you want to be hooked on them.  They set you up for a painfull fall.  Here is my explanation for my insane rant!  A while ago I decided to start taking Tums, because of the calcium, I need it since I don't drink milk as I'm alergic to it.  I had never had a problem with heartburn before, and I didn't think anything was wrong with eating a couple tums in the morning.  Much to my painfull surprise, I began to have heartburn every evening before bed, so I would take tums.  Then I had heart burn in the morning so I took tums.  Then I had heartburn in the afternoon, so I... yes, took tums.  The heartburn kept getting more painful, and I also started having really painful abdominal cramps and constipation.  Finally I figured out my problems all started when I started taking tums.  So I stopped, cold turkey, and just suffered through the constipation, cramps, and heartburn.  Oh yes, it hurt, it hurt and hurt like the word hurt had lost it's meaning and gained a whole new dictionary definition.  When finally it subsided and my system returned to normal, I decided to research this thing that happened.  Now I Know, and I'm telling you the truth and the facts!  READ!

Heartburn and acid reflux disease and gurd are all the same thing, indigestion.  Ever had a backed up toilet?  Ever had a backed up sink?  Stinks doesn't it?  This is what is happening to you, your digestive system is not breaking things down and moving it along properly, so it's backing up, and what happens to that acid that is trying hard to get that stuff moving?  It's comming up your throught and it burns and hurts.  They are Lying to you when they tell you that your problem is that you are making too much acid.  Nonsense!  Did you know that one of the most common side effects of antacids is constipation?!  You are BACKING UP YOUR SYSTEM when you take antacids.  So, you take an antacid, it does NOT shut down the acid making little pump things in your stomach, it acts as a chemical off switch for the acid itself, I believe that is called a Base, I am not sure.  The thing that Makes the acid only knows one thing, stuff isn't getting digested very well, must make more acid.  So they rev up the acid production.  So what happens when the antacid can no longer counteract the acids in your stomach, AND the acid makers have been trying their hardest to speed up and increase acid production?  Heartburn times 2, or more!!!  So you go take some more antacid to fight back!  STOP Attacking your own body!  OMG, seriously.

So, you are wondering what the frak you should do about your painful heartburn to make it stop eating up your throught.  Well, that's easy.  HELP your digestive system digest and move stuff along.  What do you think happens when a residential septic system gets backed up.  I've seen it on a movie, nasty stuff comes up in the back yard, they have to dig up the yard, remove the tank or whatever, and replace it.  Horrible.  Now, normally a septic system has stuff in it to help break down the crap you flush so it can move along.  What happens when you poor, I dunno, toxic chemicals that kill the stuff that is supposed to break stuff down?  Back up like crazy.  I've seen an ad on TV for stuff to flush that will Help your septic system break stuff down.  THAT my friend is what you should do to keep things moving.

So, how do you help your digestive system?  Well, one way is to eat something called digestive enzymes, but I've also found out that something acidic really helps get things going.  A little Apple Cider Vinegar, nasty horrible stuff that burns all the way down, will absolutely cure your heart burn, and you will be heart burn free for weeks if not more after just one dose.  You think I'm kidding?  I'm not.  This is the truth about antacids, they attack and destroy your ability to digest.  Indigestion IS what causes acid to reflux, or back up.  Stop attacking your body, Help your body instead.  For crying out loud.

Ok, I'm done with my rant.  Have a nice day.


  1. I have been doing so much research on my digestion problems and man, you are right square on. how do you tell your doctor.. No more friggen antacids? blah, im sick of feeling sick and it's time to do something about it. Kudos on this journal entry of yours, i wish there was a way to talk to you, i'd like to see how you are today.

  2. Well, I too would like to talk to you, uhm, I used to chat all the time on Cyan Chat, but due to hatred against me I've been staying away... I do like getting onto Second Life, very fun place, nice people. If you search for me, I'm Krepta, you could find me there. I also have YIM, AIM, and MSN Messenger accounts. Well, have a great day. :)