Friday, July 18, 2008

Screwed again

Maybe I'm just asking to be screwed all the time. Anyway, I've been working as a Security Guard, and recently they've reduced my hours to 20 a week, plus 3 patrols a day, 3 days a week, $15 a day for each one of those 3 days. That's not hourly wage, mind you. So that's 20*$9/hr=$180/week +$15*3=$45/week, so that's $225/week. That's really hurting. If it gets much worse I'll have no choice but to quit and find something else. Should I quit my job?

I forgot to mention a big reason why I may have to quit. This last Teusday the 15th I had Jury Duty at 8am. I asked my boss if I could have monday night off so I wouldn't be really tired. He said no, because I wouldn't be out all night, I'd only be doing the 3 patrols. Well I did the patrols, and went home as usual, and didn't get any sleep. I told the judge that I thought it would be too hard for me to be a juror, because of lack of sleep. He didn't think my boss had a right to keep me from jury duty by not letting me off. But the only reason he excused me was because of financial hardship. And that was only because the prosecution and defense had no objection.

I just found out I'm worse off than I thought at first. I'm making only $5 per day for those 3 days of patrols. And I saw a timesheet from another guard that is even Worse off than I am, nothing but patrol days all week! That's 5 days at $5 per day, with two days off. WTF?!

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