Monday, August 25, 2008

No more gloom

I am very happy again, my paycheck has increased due to more hours, and I'm able to pay bills again, yay! :) I won't be quitting either job any time soon. I really enjoy working at Higginbotham Associates, it's a fun environment, with lots of interesting people to chat with, which I really like a lot. The pay structure is different every week, I guess I already explained that at some point before, but, it makes things interesting. Plus, I get to be a nut, and no one will fire me for it, that's a big plus! :) Sadly, one of my chat buddies was fired, reason unknown, but I can guess. He probably got caught purposely putting in "Busy signal" instead of removing numbers from the calling system when the person called requests it. Look, when you tell someone remove my Name from the list, but they have no idea what your name is, can you really expect them to remove your name which they never had in the first place? Anyway, when someone says something to the effect "don't call me anymore" we are supposed to remove the number from the system, that's Code 21 people! *sirens blare*

I'm having fun with my Numbers Obsession still. One of these days I'll get up the courage to call Coast to Coast AM and say "Shorah b'shehm everybody!" and explain my obsession and why I think the D'ni are real and wish I could get my hands on a Linking Book. *sigh*

Are you having fun reading my insane blog? Well, please do. It's meant for anyone ages 90 and bellow... well, ok, all ages! :) Oh, don't mind me, I'm harmless... <.< >.>