Sunday, September 14, 2008

Full Range Motion Control

I've given up on running my own internet radio station, at least until I manage to buy a good desktop.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rehzeero != The Great Zero, Orthodoxy and canon vs. logic

I realize that I am obsessed, which by definition is illogical, but I obsessively need things to make logical sense to me. So when someone does something that makes no sense, I get very upset. I am very upset that the creator of something is "right" no matter what they do, because they say so. That is just wrong!

So, my reason for this post is Cyan/DRC screwing around with their creation, doing things that are very illogical. There is a place in the deep city we call Uru, which is D'ni, that has been called "The Great Zero", but the DRC/Cyan put the word "Rehzeero" in the Nexus and KI devices as the D'ni word for the place, and said that no one knows what that word means. It seems obviouse to me that they took the word Zero, and slapped the D'ni word for "the", reh, on the front and claimed it is a D'ni word. I call that D'ninglish. After researching and learning the D'ni language a bit, I've figured out that the proper way to say "The Great Zero" in D'ni should be "rehroon pahrah", or "rehroon gahro". Even though someone at Cyan said that "rehgahro zeero" was proper use of the D'ni sentence structure, this is NOT true. You can't invent a language, with logical sentence structure, then break that structure and claim that's proper. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!

So, even though everything Cyan sais and does is "right" because they Say so, and is Orthodox and Canon, they are still Wrong! What kind of world would it be like when someone can control absolute truth like that? Where they can setup something, tell everyone THAT is the truth, and the way things are, then totaly break it, screw with it, and claim that THAT is absolute truth now, and that the other way was totally wrong, or maybe that Both versions are truth, even though they conflict horribly. Arrrgh! That's the kind of thing the Catholic Church did long ago, way back in what is aptly called the Dark Ages. It wasn't dark because the sun didn't shine ya know. It was dark cause THINKING was basically illegal. Nations filled with Morons! Well I refuse to stop thinking, or arguing against things that make no sense at all, just because someone else sais so.

I am right, rehzeero != The Great Zero. Either that structure and system that is the Beating Heart of D'ni is NOT The Great Zero at all, and no one knows what the heck the english translation of rehzeero is, OR they stupidly d'nified an english word, zero, because they wanted to call it The Great Zero and were not thinking at all about the language they invented.

Don't get me wrong, I love all things having to do with D'ni and Myst, I just obsessively need, I mean NEEEEEEEED, things to make logical sense, even though being obsessed about something that makes no difference in the world, or my life, is quite insane and illogical. Please, for crying out loud, I'm begging you Cyan/DRC, either admit that it is NOT The Great Zero at all, that this is a totally wrong thing to call it, and come up with an english translation of rehzeero that makes sense, or abandon this stupid D'ninglish word and call it what it Should be called, rehroon gahro or rehroon pahrah! Please! Please! PLEASE!!!

chucker, shut up, I don't need to hear you saying I have no point. Paradox, I know, Cyan is "right" because they say so. Anyone else? Whatever you have to say about it has already been said, I'm sure, but you can say more in the comments if you like. I just need to get this off my chest in a place where no one will Delete it because it's heresy to speak against Cyan.

Heretic Krepta signing off.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Full Range Motion

My internet radio station is kind of sort of up and running again. Who knows how long I can keep it up. I used to run it all the time, I really enjoyed it, and I had a lot of neat things set up and working. Then things started crashing left and right, and things got out of hand, and I just gave up. Well, it's a fresh new day! I'm trying to get things working again. Right now it is just one single audio stream, stereo, MP3Pro. At least, it should be working right. *sigh* Hope someone enjoys my music as much as I do, that's why I am running the station.