Monday, October 27, 2008


Politics gives me really bad headaches, much like economics and a couple other things. Unfortunately for me, there is a lot of both politics and economics infringing on my peace of mind a LOT lately. So, I feel it necessary to release some of my thoughts here, maybe my head will hurt less.

My church has been pushing very hard to have us vote for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Well I already voted, and although I really do NOT want to discuss it in person with anyone at church, or with my family, I voted NO. I'll tell you why if you are still reading. It's because I am a Libertarian. I don't care how many consequences you may perceive will occur in the future from allowing people to be free in a free country, but that IS what I will defend, if not with my body and life, at least with my votes.

You may hate me, or call me a heretic, if you wish, but I believe in Liberty and Justice for All, and nothing, not God, not Government, not Anything or Anyone will convince me to sacrifice those. So some kids are being taught to have more tolerance by the public schools, oh well, scary. Maybe instead of banning gay marriage we should just have them all imprisoned or shot. How far are we willing, as a nation, or a people, to go to make ourselves feel comfortable with the world around us? Who are we willing to hurt, or destroy? I am not willing to reshape the world to make myself feel better. I'll accept my own discomfort or disgust as being the price I pay, and gladly, for a free society. How about you?


  1. Krepta, I came across your blog through the comments you made on another concerning a billboard by a Christian church. Your comments there, and this post here, have really touched me.

    I am a gay woman, and before I met and fell in love with my girlfriend, I had no desire to learn about and make amends with religion and religious folk. My girlfriend is an ex-Mormon, having left the LDS church officially after Prop 8 passed. We have had many, often painful discussions with her family and life-long friends, all devoted Mormons, about Prop 8 and other related issues that have been abuzz this year, and more often than not we have met opposition to the point of suppressing our rights.

    I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to read the words of a clearly intelligent (your grammar, for instance, is novelty online), faithful, yet open-hearted member of the church who can reconcile their beliefs with the foundation of equality our nation was built on.

    I just wanted to let you know, for I'm sure you take many blows from the more irrational LGBT members who only see your religion, that you are an amazing person, and I thank you for your support.

    I hope that you do not face hardships with members of your church for your open-mindedness concerning government. A position like yours really is one between a rock and a hard place without understanding friends.

  2. Just so everyone is clear, I'm not gay, just a freedom lover. I have gay friends, and family too. I guess some people can't understand things they haven't had to deal with themselves, but, not understanding doesn't mean attacking it and crushing it. I will never be able to understand everything, but I'm open and willing to learn, to accept, to love and be a part of a society that cherishes liberty. Those who can't handle that, I feel sorry for you. Those who can, I embrace you.