Saturday, December 20, 2008

Protoculture Addict

For those of you who don't know, thanks to my friend Sypoth, whose real name I will not say here, I have become a Protoculture Addict!  He started showing me various funny parts of the Robotech books he was reading, till I just couldn't take it anymore and had to read the series, now I'm reading them faster than he is, and he is having a hard time making sure to lend me a book to read before I'm done with the current one.  Maybe I should just go to the library and check out three books at a time like I used to, like over a year ago, before I started working two jobs at the same time, one of which causes agony and injury, the other which just sometimes annoys me.  

I really enjoy working at Higginbotham Associates, the people are so nice, and that's where I make the greatest friends, like Sypoth, that crazy genius!  He is an inventor, and much of what he shows me and explains is over my head, but I try to understand at least the basic concepts he is trying to express.  He is a computer genius, a whole pay grade above me I'm afraid.  I'm sure that if he had attended the same computer class I had at High Tech Institute, we would have been fierce competitors for the top spot.  But, I've gotten very rusty from not using my computer knowledge and skills.

Well, back to Protoculture.  In the Robotech series, which I am also watching on DVDs Sypoth lends to me, there is this amazing power source that causes normal technology to kind of take on living properties, which they call Robotech.  That power source, though they have difficulty understanding it, much less creating it, is Protoculture, it's like the Mana of the Gods, the Power that drives all Interstellar exploration and conquest, and yes, even war.  The Robotech series took three seperate anime shows and kind of changed things a bit, made it much better IMHO, and put it out as a great new retelling of the original story.  Protoculture is called that becuase it is basically a seed of the Flower of Life, which has amazing powers locked up inside, and it's just Bursting to grow at amazing speed, but if you somehow manage to force that seed to stay dormant, not grow, for a period of time, it's latent energies burst out of it empowering technology, and organic beings alike, with absolutely shocking capabilities.  In the Original stories, beginning with Macross, Protoculture is actually the Culture that existed before all other Cultures, the First Race of sentient beings in the universe, capable of amazing wonders, but, their civilization fell appart when they gained the ability to reproduce without sex.  The males and the females no longer wanted anything to do with each other, love became a forgotten memory, and the two genders began to war with each other, causing devestating destruction accross the galaxy.  Well, I guess that's enough spoiling.  Go read and watch Robotech and Macross, etc. etc.

Go, Go, what are you still doing here?

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