Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hate infects CC

You may not care about CyanChat, but it's been a virtual home for me since Uru died, for the second time. I care about it a lot, but I have a temper, and when people are mean to me enough, I snap. Well, I've ticked people off on CC to the point they don't want me around at all. I annoy them too much, they yell at me too much, always attacking me for the smallest things. I have no life, and I'm lonely, and I crave social interaction in the places I can get it. I guess I have to find another home. Also, I have been fired from my day job, my other little home away from home, a place where I made friends I could talk to, have a good time. My world is falling appart. Do you know the feeling? Well, it doesn't really matter anyway, it's all virtual, not real, just shadows inside masks. The whole world is shadows behind masks. Reality isn't real at all, only a facade. I will start again, shape a new reality around myself, I will be reborn from these ashes. I will find a new Obsession.