Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter! :)

Happy Easter! :) Hey, even if you don't celebrate Easter, either the Christian thing or the cadbury bunny thing, you can at least appreciate the weather. Or, if you have terrible weather where you are, dream about the weather where I live, in the Valley of the Sun, Mesa, Arizona, hahaha. Oh it's so nice, but when summer comes around it will be murderously hot again. Hooo boy. Anyone who doesn't believe in air conditioning, do not, I repeat, do NOT come here during the summer, you will freakin die of heat stroke.

I do think the dry heat helps with evap cooling, but then the monsoon brings in lots of humidity, so that's gonna fail, always does.

I used to live in Florida. Nice place to visit, but living there sometimes became, well, damp and sticky, for looooong periods of time. I longed for the feeling of actually being dry. Of getting into an actually dry bed at night. I can't believe anyone would even consider using evap cooling there, but, they did. Or at least, my parents did. Blows my mind even now.

Ok, enough! Happy whatever, have a great something, and be joy infected! :)

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