Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fox News Channel

I really can't watch fox news channel without getting very mad at them. Fair and balanced they are not. I love the Daily Show. Seems much more honest. I am not saying that any other media outlet is actually fair and balanced all the time, I'm just saying that if you make a claim, you better live up to it. FNC constantly claims they are fair and balanced. Sure, when they are reporting the weather and not blaming it on liberals. They constantly claim "we report, you decide", which is not true, they say stuff, slant it how they like, omit things they don't like, and leave it up to us to decide... decide what? That they are liars, that's what.

I think the news papers, radio and tv media are not News outlets, not really. I think news died a long time ago, due to boredom. I think it is an Infotainment industry, a business that sells information that is entertaining, sensational, grab you by the gut and hold on tight till you puke. The only real news is burried inside kernels of trickery and emotional candy, you have to filter and sift through the crap to get to the truth. The thing is, most people don't want to sift or filter, they want to get the entertainment, they want to consume. You heard me, the people of this great nation are not really citizens of anything, we are consumers. That's all we are, just tools for the vast corporate machines, we provide them what they want, they provide us what they think we want, and if we disagree and don't snap, why, like fish in a barrel, they blast something at us that makes us give them what they want anyway. Why should they care about things like Liberty and Justice, and Equality? We are nothing more than a herd, to be fattened, then slaughtered. But, hey, I'm just a nut.

So now you think I'm a liberal, right? Wrong! I'm not a liberal, left wing, nut, nor am I a conservative, right wing, nut. I'm just a nut, plain and simple! :) Seriously, I am so sick and tired of each side constantly attacking and demonizing the other side, while burying the truth about what is really going on, and who is really doing what. The government makes decisions behind closed doors so that we have no idea who is voting on what. The president, though very popular, is, IMHO, an idiot. But I thought the same about the previous president too, so don't get all huffy over it.

I'm not a conspiracy nut, like I said, I'm just a plain nut, maybe a bit salty, so I don't buy these conspiracies about the evil government. Sure, the government is full of corruption, but I believe it is much more full of stupidity and idiocy than anything else, and stupid people are much more likely to become corrupt. There, I said it, I think the government is run by morons who happen to be corrupt out of nothing more than stupidity and greed.

Greed, that's what is doing all the nasty horrible things to our economy, and the rest of the world, greed! Too many greedy buggers doing whatever they want, and nobody doing anything to stop them. A nation of laws?! Ha, I beg to differ. I think we are a nation of lunatics! Take that to the bank and shove it.


No, I'm not a dog, I'm just crazy.


  1. I used to love watching Fox news. Problem is the television kept leaning so far to the right that it kept falling over entertainment center and all.

    The Colbert Report keeps me updated.

  2. I love the Colbert Report and The Daily Show, very enlightening and funny at the same time. I think I trust CNN to a greater degree than several other news channels, but not completely. I have watched MSNBC and liked it sometimes, but, I dunno, it's not as good as it could be, IMHO.

    I don't choose my news based on how entertaining it is, or how sensational it is, I choose my news based on whether I believe they are being truthful, straightforward, and honorable in their reporting. For instance, I love 60 Minutes, they are one of the best of the best, IMHO, same with 20/20, except I can't stand John Stossel (sp?) ever since he said that a non-smoker has no right to expect a smoker to go smoke somewhere else, and that if a non-smoker is sitting on a bench in the park and a smoker goes and sits down and starts smoking, the non-smoker should have to get up and leave.

    I'm not saying smoking should be all out banned, I'm just saying, it's rude and inconsiderate at the very least to go light up around someone, and assault at the very worst if that person happens to have a disease that could kill them if they breath that smoke. I think it's wrong for someone to make someone move if they have been sitting there already, even if the person sitting there is a smoker. I say first one there, stays, the other get's to go. I think that's common sense, and common courtesy.

  3. CNN's alright. MSNBC's pretty cool. Keith and Rachel are fun to watch most of the time. Tweety (Chris Matthews) varies between shows, heck most of the time I think he should rename it from hardball to softball. Above all else the internet is my true source for getting actual news.

    On another note the book "I am America and so can you!" by Stephen Colbert is a riot.

  4. I liked a piece I saw by Kieth over the gay rights thing, that prop 8 in cali, and other props elsewhere. I really hate how many people love to trample on the rights of those not politically powerful enough to protect their rights. I will be a Libertarian forever and ever, you can take that to the bank!