Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I keep hearing people saying that the swine flu is not a Pandemic, bla bla bla. I've looked up the definition in the dictionary. Everything in that definition is happening right now, not may happen, not could happen, is happening right the heck now! Why doesn't anyone look it up? Should I post the definition?

Pandemic is based on the Greek words Pan, meaning all, Demos, meaning People, and is defined as an epidemic of disease that spreads easily among people, is infectious (as in not cancer), and has spread to a large area like a continent, or the world. The facts are that this has spread to multiple countries, cannot be contained to any one area, is very infectious, and is killing people. Does this have to kill 2 billion people before someone finally say it's a Pandemic? I say, no, frak that. The word Pandemic has been defined, and all the things that have happened so far matches that definition. Therefore, this is a Pandemic.

Does that mean people should panic and run around like chickens with their heads cut off? Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe we will kick this thing in the head enough times to save a lot of lives and stop it from spreading any further. Maybe not. My upset is not whether this thing is coming to kill me, oh no no no, I'm obsessed and insane over the meaning of words and people not redefining them on the fly to suit the needs of the moment. Those needs being to stop scaring people crapless, I guess.

What? I'm insane? Yes! So what?

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