Monday, May 4, 2009


I may have posted my thoughts on this subject somewhere, some time ago, but I don't remember where, when, or even if I did. For several hours at work tonight I was thinking about posting on this topic, so I'm going to bla bla bla, yackety schmackety...

Ok, here goes. From a religious point of view, and I am Mormon, I think abortion is not the right choice to make in most situations, although I do think there are situations where it is understandable. But I am a Libertarian, which means my Political and Legal point of view is that women should not be forced to continue a pregnancy against their will. I believe that an all out ban on abortion will cause a great deal more harm than good, and force women to seek out under-ground, illegal abortion doctors who very well might kill them in the process.

I do not believe that aborting a fetus in the early stages of development is the same thing as murdering a fully developed infant, and the only form of abortion I would absolutely ban no matter what the circumstances is late term, aka partial birth abortion, which is absolutely horrific beyond words, but I'll try to spell it out anyway. In partial birth abortion a fully formed, healthy, baby is pulled out of the womb, feet first, until the head is almost about to come out, then a pointed hollow vacuum tube is stabbed into the skull of the kicking and struggling baby, and the brain is sucked out. When the infant is dead, then the body is fully removed, and thrown away. There is no funeral, no proper burial, it is not treated like a person/human being, it is treated like so much trash. THAT is murder, THAT is infanticide, and there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for it.

One of the major reasons I don't think all forms of abortion are basically murder is because of the personal and social reactions to natural abortion, in other words when, for some reason, a woman's body stops the pregnancy, without her or anyone else choosing to cause it to happen. This happens from time to time, it happened to women I know in my own life. It's sad, and all, but people individually, and society in general, do not treat those events the same way that the death of an infant is treated. I mean, there is no funeral, no casket, no burial, no groups of mourners weeping. In fact, usually, only a very few people are even aware that such an event even occurred. So, if people in general do not treat the natural loss of a pregnancy, sad though it is, the way they would treat the death of a child, then surely choosing to abort is not the same thing as murder. Do you follow the logic? I hope so.

As for earlier term abortions, which I am against remember, I do think there could be circumstances in which it would be the right decision, like if a child is raped, and impregnated. Should she be forced to bear the burden of carrying that child to full term, giving birth, and having to take care of it, or arrange for it to be adopted? And what if that child was raped by her father, or some other family member? If the baby is born, would it have genetic problems? What about probable social stigma for the girl and her baby? Maybe that is a situation in which abortion is the right choice. I don't like it, but... maybe. What about any woman at all who is raped? Should she be forced against her will to carry an unwanted child to term, and give birth, and bear the burden of caring for it? What about the hospital bills, and all the other costs?

Or how about crack addicted babies? Do you really think it's better to force a crack addicted pregnant woman to continue her pregnancy against her will, even though her baby has likely suffered developmental problems, either it's body, brain, or both, and will likely be born in unspeakable agony due to withdrawal? Even though the baby will likely be born premature, suffer horribly, and die within weeks of being born? Even though the baby will probably not enjoy a normal life even if it does survive those first few weeks? Why should any child be put through that if there is a way to end it before it even begins?

Some people believe that a child that dies before being baptised and "saved" will be sent to hell, or purgatory, or something. This belief sounds absolutely horrible to me, I don't care what religions preach it, it's WRONG! What kind of God would do such a horrible thing to a perfectly innocent, pure, sinless little child?! Any God that would do that is no God at all, in my book, and is instead an evil demon who should not be obeyed or worshiped by anyone for any reason. But, hey, I'm not telling you what religion to follow, or what faith to believe in, I'm just saying, if that's your idea of God, I feel freaking sorry for you.

I believe, as do all Mormons as far as I know, that any child that dies before the age of accountability is pure, sinless, and perfectly innocent, and will go to Heaven to live with a loving Heavenly Father forever and ever, with out end. No child that is aborted in the early stages will suffer in hell, period. The mother who chooses abortion might have to face some eternal consequences, but, I don't judge souls, that's God's jurisdiction. As far as I'm concerned, there usually is no good reason to abort, and so it's not the right decision, MOST of the time. But I cannot support any law that would absolutely ban all abortion, for any reason at all.

So, basically, I'm Pro Life and Pro Choice at the exact same time, without conflict, or very much anyway. There, berate me and hate me if you like, but that's how I feel and think about this whole thing. Have a great day, and stay out of trouble will ya?

.shorah b'shehmtee

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