Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I just heard about a news story last night about how my state government is paying companies from outside of Arizona to do various contracts. This upsets me, because that's MY state taxes that is leaving the state, it's not staying here and helping keep people employed HERE. The reasoning for this is that they are encouraging competition by purchasing services or products for the lowest price. Walmart is my government now, right?

Normally, I would agree that competition is a good thing, I mean that is one of the most important features in a capitalist system. But governments are inherently monopolies, they force us to pay them, and they do what they want. It's not like I can just choose to have the California government perform necessary functions here, right? So, if we all have no choice but to have our own state government do things for us, then we should at least expect that our government will support us in ways that we need, like for instance providing jobs that support our own economy.

They say that if they become preferential towards Arizona companies, that would cause a backlash in other states that would make it hard for Arizona companies to do business in those other states. My thought is this, so what? No, seriously, so what? If Arizona's government contracts are available only to Arizona companies, that means more business being generated by OUR tax dollars, HERE. If other states do the same thing, cool, seems like it would be good for Their local economies, just like it would be good for ours. Prove to me there is actual reciprocation from awarding contracts to companies in other states that basically balances things out, and I'll say fine, just keep doing it like this for as long as ya want. But if you can't prove to me that just as much local business is being generated for us by other states as the amount of business being awarded to companies in other states by our state government, then I'll tell you to go eat a dirty sock... I've got a few for you if you can't find any.

Then Dad said that he thinks there is no difference between a State, or even Federal, government and any corporation. As we all know, a corporation, especially if it is publicly traded, is expected, and even legally required, to make as much money as possible while spending as little money as possible, which means that the focus of all of their activities has absolutley no moral or ethical bias one way or another. That means corporations can become corrupt, do illegal things, do really wrong things, all for the sake of the bottom line. I say, as long as a corporation can get away with it, they'll do it, and if they think they might get caught, they still might do it if they have the resources to manipulate the system that is supposed to keep them in line. For one really good example, let's look at Microsoft. Or maybe let's look at a company that has actually been taken down and put out of business for the wrong things they are doing, what was that energy company called... uhm, Enron, yes, that's it. Very good examples, one evil corporation that went down hard, the other is still around, still strong, still up to their evil plots.

And now for why I titled this "Fascism?", one of the definitions I have read or heard about what Fascism actually is says that it is a combination of Corporatism and Government. Now, we do not currently live under the most repressive and violent regime possible, there is still plenty of wiggle room, but I am very conserned about how close we may be getting to that. Are we living in a Fascist state? Let's look at our Federal Government paying private contractor companies to go fight over seas, or provide building and food services for our soldiers, etc. etc. Is all of that fascism? Our military, our government functions, everything that runs our country and our lives is all made up of Corporations?! Is that not Fascism?!

Well, let's look at what wikipedia says about Fascism. Wow, I'm just as confused as ever... my head hurts. Can someone please be clear about this? What exactly does Fascism mean?! I've watched a weird sci-fi show that takes place in South Africa called Charlie Jade, which is about parallel universes. Charlie's home universe is way frakin converted over to Fascism, in every possible way, it is government by Corporations. You are not a citizen of anything, you are an employee. Corporate competition includes armies killing each other, corporate armies, employees killing the employees of a competitor. Is this where we are heading? Are all of the governments in our country just Corporations? What about the governments of other countries? Is our current economic hardship really all planned by Fascists trying to convert every government into corporations that can be purchased, owned, and run by private groups or individuals?!

I'm freaking out here. I'm going completely bonkers. I need some pills. Oh wait, those were provided to me by Corporations! Aaaaah!! Aaaaahh!! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Maybe I'll just start smashing my head against things like walls, desks... cars.

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