Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm very angry, and very tired, which is usually not a good combination, but I am going to write a few things here and go take a nap. Ok, I am angry because of the madness of what my job is doing to me! Let me explain in words that make no sense, ahem... Naarf, poit!

Now, for something that makes just as much sense, but in words you may understand... My boss called me today to tell me that Dispatch is getting confused, so now I have to start working an entire hour earlier than usual, and leave an hour earlier too, so they don't get their silly little brains all twisted up into pretzels. But, here's the thing, they will still get confused!! Let me explain a little bit better, on monday, tuesday, and wednesday I am supposed to do two patrols each night, that's call on duty, do some stuff, then call off duty, and then some time later do that a second time, and I'm done. Now, on the other days it's a normal 5 hour shift of calling on duty, doing stuff, and more stuff, then calling in for post check, and of course doing more stuff, then eventually calling off duty after 5 hours. They are getting confused because I'm starting my first patrol when I would normally start my regular 5 hour shift, and ending my Second patrol when I would normally end my normal 5 hour shift. So, they are going "duh!!!" and thinking that I'm doing a regular 5 hour shift on those days that I am scheduled for 2 patrols, even though I clearly state in my calls to dispatch that I'm calling on duty, and off duty, for my first, then later my second, patrol, and I'm clearly marking in my reports that it is 2 patrol hits, and I'm clearly recording in my Time Sheet that it's 2 patrol hits. So, now I'm going to be doing the exact same thing, only an hour earlier on both ends, I have no idea what I'm going to do when they Continue to be confused as a result of their mental disability.

So, because Dispatch, and maybe even the clients, are MORONS, I have to work a whole hour earlier three nights out of the week, for no other reason than to attempt to relieve their poor brains from having to think!! All they have to do is PAY ATTENTION when I call them, and READ the freakin reports and time sheets! Why is that too difficult for them to do? I dunno, maybe they are sitting around smoking pot or something.

There, now I've expressed my anger in an irrational manner on a stupid blog that nobody cares about, and I'm gonna go take a nap. I'm seriously in need of escape from reality.

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