Friday, May 22, 2009

Medical Tyrany

Should someone be forced to be medically treated against their will, by doctors who don't allow any choice in the matter, and judges who use the force of law to give those doctors all the power they want?  There is a 13 year old kid who has a form of cancer, the doctor has said there is no known alternative treatment for this cancer, and therefore the kid must be put through chemo-therapy and radiation, maybe even surgery.  First of all, there are a LOT of alternative treatments that people have found actually work, second of all one of the biggest arguments against any particular treatment is that it hasn't passed a double blind test, which was only created to eliminate the possibility of placebo effect.  If placebo cures cancer, we don't need any frakin drugs!!  Take that!

I know there are plenty of people trying to push products for their own financial gain, and are willing to lie and cheat to get what they want.  Sure, we need to protect ourselves and our kids from people like that.  The thing is, there are plenty of respected doctors who do a lot of research into and support alternative treatments for all kinds of diseases, including various forms of cancer.  So you can't lump all of those alternatives together in the same category as mirracle snake oil crap, which is what the FDA was really created to protect us from.

I do think that a kid with a life threatening disease should be treated, and be monitored by doctors.  To force him or her to take chemo-therapy, a horrible bunch of poisons that could kill you or even cause cancer, get radiation, again horribly damaging and could cause cancer, as well as surgery, always very risky no matter what the reason, is all very very wrong.  The parents should, of course, have the right to decide what kind of treatments their kid gets, even if thier doctor doesn't agree, they should have the right to seek the advice of as many other doctors as they choose.  

But, noooooo, the government has decided to control our lives and save us from the most horrible thing in the universe, Liberty.  Or so they seem to think.  If this kid's parents, and the kid himself, do not want that horrible, cancer causeing, method of treatment for cancer, they should be able to seek out alternatives.  And there ARE alternatives that DO work.  I know it for a fact, from personal experience, and don't you dare tell me I'm lying.  I will smack you in the head with a large wet trout, prefferably dead since I'm not cruel to animals, just MORONS!

I know, I'm an idiot, and it seems to me I deserve quite a lot of smacking in the head... I do get some you know, people don't always like me, and sometimes they beat me down.  Sometimes I come to agree, eventually, that I deserved to be smacked, but most of the time I don't agree, and I get mad, and stay mad, for a long time.

Enough about me!!  This is about a kid with cancer who is being forced, no matter what he or his parents think, to have horrible treatments!  Oh, and the doctors are claiming that these treatments will cure the cancer.  HA!  Since when do they tell you your cancer is cured when it's gone into remission?!  They never tell you that!  They know that their treatments, horrible though they are, cannot possibly wipe out 100% of the cancer, and that it could come back some day.  And, yes, those nasty chemicals and horrible radiation blasts can cause cellular damage that creates other cancer cells!  Frak!  Would you take a drowning man and force him to drink a glass of water?  Would you take a man who is on fire, and hose him down with gasoline?!  OOoo, you are doing something, that's for sure, you are being proactive!  But that doesn't mean that what you are doing is the RIGHT thing to do.

Now, about my experience with cancer treatment, it's actually through my mom, she had skin cancer, and later breast cancer, one cancer she absolutely cured beyond any shadow of doubt with alternatives, the other she opted for standard treatment including chemo, and surgery.  As a result of the standard treatment she is in horrible pain all the time, has trouble walking, or even getting out of bed, has to wear a special sleeve on her arm to control swelling for the REST of her life, and has to deal with the fact that the cancer may come back some day even though it is in remission right now.  In my opinion, maybe not humble, the standard treatments have done far more harm than good, and I wish she had gone with alternatives for both cancers, rather than just one.  But, at least they didn't amputate body parts, which is something they really like doing when it comes to women.  If it's men, it's a different story, for some reason.  But that's another story for another time.

I am in a lot of pain most of the time from a lot of different things, and I have no medical coverage or help of any kind in dealing with it all.  I need relief, cures, whatever I can get, I'm desperate!  If there is a mirracle pill that cures all the stuff I'm dealing with, I'll pay for it, I'll take it, whatever it is.  But I'm paranoid, I will have to do a lot of research on it and see if I trust it or not.  Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean there aren't people out to get me!  Why are you still reading this?!  Are you a spy?  Aaaahhhh!

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