Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not a salesman

Please note that I do not sell anything, I am horrible at convincing people to buy something, and even terrible at convincing people to do something that costs them nothing at all. Any claims I have made of knowledge of cures for things, like acid reflux disease, (which isn't an actual disease but is a made up disease to convince people they don't have indigestion), or cancer, or whatever, are my personal opinions based on research and personal experience. I have no vested interest whatsoever in the sale of any product by any manufacturer. If I told you Oxygen is a cure for insomnia, you could just as easily hyperventilate for free as opposed to buying an oxygen tank somewhere.

If any of my claims turn out to be incorrect, correct me. If you convince me I'm wrong, which I do not guarantee, then I will change my mind. If you fail to convince me, which is admittedly more likely than not, I will at least treat you with respect while continuing to believe whatever crazy thing you are trying to correct me about.

I ask that you treat me with as much respect, even if we both know that privately we are both calling each other every nasty thing we can think of, while remaining convinced beyond all rational thought that we are each correct. Or is that just me? Whatever.

Did you really think I would stop there? Uh... well, ok, I'll stop. I'm gonna go bark at a tree for a few minutes.

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