Sunday, May 24, 2009


I don't drink, at all, but there have been many moments when I wish I could have washed away my pain and sorrow with waves of alchohol.  I am really sick and tired of people trying to push me to drink, with claims like the health benefits of Wine.  The fact is that any health benefits of wine come from the GRAPES, and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the fermentation process.  You could drink grape juice, the real stuff not the fake stuff, and get the same benefits, without the probability of getting drunk.  Here is another fact for you, alchohol damages the liver, and maybe other organs too I dunno, so it is better to use it in moderation, rather than stupid things like binge drinking.  OMG, binge drinking is completely insane, you might as well go shoot yourself, that would be about as effective.

So every time I see stories about things like Resveratrol, a really great anti-oxident that could be an amazing boon for people all over the world, I get angry, because they always talk about Wine, in this case Red Wine.  Yah, they talk about how you have to drink like 1000 bottles of Red Wine a day to get the benefits from this cool stuff.  Something I'm sure some people would love to at least attempt, but the benefits of the resveratrol would be absolutley blown away by the damaging effects of all that alchohol.  Gosh, dang, that's way too much wine to be drinking every day.  

So, when someone tells you to have a glass of wine, if you want to, you can have a glass of grape juice instead, same effect, without the alchohol.  Although, I'm sure the taste is very different, I wouldn't know from experience though.  Whatever, if you like wine, drink with wisdom, don't over do it, that's crazy nuts.  If you don't drink, cool, you don't have to, no matter what anyone says.

I have no idea how long people have been fermenting plant stuffs to make alchoholic drinks of all kinds, probably since the beginning of time or something, but if you use the alchohol right you can keep people healthy and strong and able to work hard and live a great life.  If you use it wrong, you can destroy families, and society in general.  Beer may well have saved the human race from extinction at one time, but, I doubt very much that people were stumbling around drunk all day long every day, causing everything to grind to a halt.  Even in those ancient times, people understood the importance of being sober, or mostly sober, in order to have a functional society, and a happy life.

Happiness is not the bottom of a bottle, nor the barrel of a gun.

Ok, my chest hurts a lot, my heart is going frakin nuts, and I'm gonna have to go lie down.  ugh.


  1. I drink. Not very often but when I do I just do it for fun. Depending on the right setting it can really make things hilarious. I had a wine bottle hidden in the house a few months back that I completely forgot about. And a few nights later I had the day off and I downed the whole thing at 3 am while chatting and playing HL2.

    All times and events that I remember regarding alcohol have all been happy occasions. More power to you if you don't drink.

    More for teh party animalz. :D

  2. Well I'm not saying that if you drink you are an evil person, or that you'll automatically do something horrible, I'm just saying, be careful. It's like operating machinery, you can make one mistake and kill yourself or someone else, so you gotta be careful. It is my religious belief that alcoholic drinks are inadvisable, this comes from "The Word of Wisdom", which isn't an absolute requirement on life, not like the "Ten Commandments" were, and still are, for so many people.

    When a bit of wisdom is given to you, and you ignore it, don't be surprised if you get into trouble. But that's not to say you should be absolutely banned from doing things that are possibly dangerous or something.

    I've been in so much pain, and had problems with depression and suicidal thoughts, and I am glad I have never had any alcohol to drink. I'm convinced that in my condition it would be a fast trip and fall downhill into alcoholism and maybe worse if I just let myself go with a bottle, or a can, of whatever.

    So, it's ok, in my opinion, to drink in moderation, and if you choose to get frakin drunk off your butt, make sure someone is around who will basically keep you from doing something really really stupid.

    On a different note, I believe certain things should be legal, like marijuana, there should be regulations to help minimize any possible damage, like alcohol is regulated. If people can learn, generally, how to have alcohol legal in this country, and not utterly destroy the country in the process, why not marijuana? There are drugs that need to be controlled much more strictly, like crack or something, because just one dose can kill, it's like playing Russian roulette. But if you want to go kill yourself with crack, I think you should be able to go to a clinic that will put you in a room, and try to keep you alive despite being given that horrible poison.

    People get prescription drugs that, IMHO, are just as bad as these illegal drugs, but, that's ok, since they have medical purposes.

    I wonder if medical marijuana would help me finally get to be functional, make this horrible pain stop, make the muscle spasms and twitching finally stop. Or maybe I'll get struck my lightning, and then my problems will be solved, yay. *sigh*