Monday, June 8, 2009

Numerology hocus pocus

If you love numerology, stop reading right now, because I'm gonna write stuff here you are not going to like or agree with, and I don't want you yelling at me, or at least posting flaming red hot messages about it.

Ok, here goes, I am very obsessed with Numbers and Number Systems, and because of that I get very angry about Numerology, I detest it with a passion. You may be thinking, "Wha?! But you're a Numbers freak, I thought you'd Love Numerology, cause it's numbers and stuff", yeah, well, it's that "and stuff" part that bugs the heck out of me. There is some simple mathematics being used in numerology, but that is the only part of it that is in any way interesting to me, the rest of the stuff is nothing more than a belief system. I'm not saying you can't believe whatever you want, heck, you can believe that you have the ability, all by yourself, to clear the whole world of bad energy, in just one trance session, but, whatever. I'm not gonna argue with your beliefs, whatever they may be, I'm just saying, NUMEROLOGY IS NOT THE SCIENCE OF NUMBERS!! If anything it is a belief system in mystical powers and symbolism attached to numerals in just ONE numbering system, the decimal, Arabic, base 10, numbering system so many people use for every day life.

And now for why I refuse to believe even the smallest thing in Numerology, whatever symbolism or mystical magical property a numeral is thought to have in the Decimal numbering system could not possibly apply in any other numbering system, and in my mind this invalidates the whole thing, period.

Ok, for instance, this guy on the radio was going on about some numerological thing about the number 111, and how it's divisible by 37. And he was going on about how 222, 333, 444, etc. are all divisible by 37. I'm like, duh, and, so what? He was going on about how there are no accidents or coincidences in the universe, everything has a meaning, bla bla bla. So, whatever, he, and anyone else, can attach whatever mystical magical meaning they want to this simple mathematical process that, as far as I'm concerned, has absolutely no meaning.

So what if 37x3 is 111? 37x6 is 222, 37x9 is 333, etc., every third iteration gives you an iteration of 111, so what? But this only works for Decimal, what about other numbering systems? There are others you know, how about Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal, to name just a few? That's what gets me all riled about numerology, it assumes, rather stupidly in my opinion, that Decimal is the Universal numbering system that everything in the universe vibrates to, which gives these Numerals special powers in our lives. I say, bull pucky.

Nothing anyone sais could possibly convince me of any of that crap. And the main reason is, as I said earlier, if it can only apply in one numbering system, and no others, it's absolutely meaningless drivel.

My favorite numbering system is the D'ni, base 25, numbering system, but I also like a bunch of other numbering systems and enjoy converting values between them. A numbering system is nothing more than a means of representing a real value, just symbols with specific value attached to each one. If that value being represented has some kind of magical power itself, then it doesn't matter how it's being represented, but, Numerology is the opposite belief, that the symbol is what carries the magical power, not the real value it represents. So, bla bla bla, and yackety shmackety.

Ok, I'm done ranting.

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