Monday, July 6, 2009


I just heard someone say, last night on Coast to Coast AM, something about a New Numbering System, and you know I'm absolutely obsessed over numbers, so I googled to find it. And, I'm very happy to have found Octomatics, although I do think it needs a better name, Octomatic makes it sound like a mechanical squid or something. How about Octonary? It's basically a combination of Octal and Binary, it uses a form of Binary notation for each of it's 7 numeral characters, but it is an Octal positional numbering system. I love it, and I hope it catches on! Dang, I'm so excited and happy, it's like someone gave me a birthday present today! :) I wonder if there are any more New Numbering Systems. My favorite is still D'ni, btw.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gambling and nonsense

I have been told not to play with face cards because, of all things, they are used in gambling games, I have found out that people decided to stop using dice to play games and instead used a spinner for much the same reason, because of a connection to gambling. People don't understand the world the way I do, I guess. I see the objects in the world around me as nothing more than objects, no matter what they may have been used for, I see numerous possible uses for them, and don't care about what connotations may be attached to them. When it comes to gambling, I think it can be an extremely damaging addiction, and people should be as careful about it as they are about any addictive substance. It can totally destroy your life. That being said, I think it is ridiculous to proclaim those various items that have been used in gambling games as being evil, no matter what other uses they may have.

For instance, I have played Solitaire a lot, I have greatly enjoyed it since I was young, and I still enjoy it to this day, but, it is not a dangerous addiction unless you play it at a Casino, where you spend money and try to win back more than you spent. In that case, Solitaire can easily leave you penniless, destitute! I don't play Casino gambling games in real casinos, or even online betting websites, I only play them in games I can download and play against a computer, or play for free online with other players. I never, I repeat, I never spend money gambling on things like that.

I have a religious reason for not gambling, I've been taught that it's bad, and I know why it can be very bad, you can wind up losing everything you own, and still want to play more! You can wind up getting into nasty trouble with criminals, who like to fix gambling games for their benefit by the way.

The thing about gambling is, you are taking a financial risk, and that means that anything can become a gambling game. Anything at all can be gambled on, from horse racing to turtle racing, from Day Trading on the stock markets, to those crazy derivatives that we have discovered are destroying our economy. Any time you risk your own money for the hope that you will get back more money than you put in, without any actual effort on your part, that is a Gamble. The higher the risk, the higher the possible rewards, and that is what makes it so addictive, you get a rush when you get something out of it, and you get hooked on the thrill. Those gambling games in the Casinos would not have nearly as many players if there was no financial risk or possible reward involved. If you could play any game in the Casino, for free, as often as you want, and get absolutely no money from any of them, the addictive property would be gone. The games themselves are not all that interesting, IMHO. It's the possibility of winning a LOT of money that draws the huge crowds. And the Casino always wins in the end, they are the ones that always get the biggest jackpot of all.

The state lotteries people can participate in are not all that different, you are spending money in the hopes of getting something more in return. You can easily get swallowed up by the thrill and waste all of your money on lottery tickets. It is therefore every bit as dangerous as any Casino, in that it is highly addictive.

I am a rebellious type, when someone tells me not to play with dice or face cards because of the gambling connotation, I'm more likely to buy up all the gambling paraphernalia I can afford and play with them all I want just to flaunt my utter disdain for such stupidity. Yes, I called it stupidity to refuse to play with face cards, or dice! You think those things have magical powers to addict your brain, like they are laced with crack?! NO! The only power any object has in this world is the power YOU give it. If you choose to not gamble, you have nothing to worry about. You can play any "gambling" game ever invented without risking any of your money, not hoping for any big rewards, and not falling into a dangerous addiction that can utterly destroy your life. And, as I said above, ANY thing can be gambled on, any kind of game you can think of, any activity, from the weather, to bird watching, can all become the subject of a gambling scheme.

By the way, anything can become a drinking game too, just in case you didn't realize that. Not that I've ever played any drinking games, I don't drink. But if I did, I would drink, like, rootbeer or something. Seriously.

Ok, back to gambling, you can play freakin Candy Land and turn it into a gambling game, you can bet on who lands where first, or who get's to do what first, or whatever. It doesn't matter. Gambling has very little to do with the game itself, it's about the Odds, trying to beat the Odds and win big. That's all that matters. As long as it appears to be random enough, with some Chance that even the favorite to win might lose, then you have something people can bet on. The biggest danger is, of course, the criminal element, those sleezy, violent, nasty people who try to rig things for their own benefit, while trying to make it Seem like everything is actually random. Yah, right.

My point is, don't gamble, unless you go into it with every intention of losing, as the price you gladly pay for the fun you are having. Otherwise, you could easily fall into a dangerous addictive trap that could utterly destroy you. This would be extra bad if it hurt your family and loved ones. Don't Do It!! But, go ahead and play any kind of gambling game you want, just use, like, candy instead of money, or soemthing, I mean, really, you can play any thing you want and not risk your freakin life because of it.

There, now, if you see me playing Solitaire with my round card deck some time, don't go trying to harp on me about how I'm not supposed to be playing with face cards, because if you do I may very well throw a pie at your face. Well, not really, I'll at least tell you off.