Monday, July 6, 2009


I just heard someone say, last night on Coast to Coast AM, something about a New Numbering System, and you know I'm absolutely obsessed over numbers, so I googled to find it. And, I'm very happy to have found Octomatics, although I do think it needs a better name, Octomatic makes it sound like a mechanical squid or something. How about Octonary? It's basically a combination of Octal and Binary, it uses a form of Binary notation for each of it's 7 numeral characters, but it is an Octal positional numbering system. I love it, and I hope it catches on! Dang, I'm so excited and happy, it's like someone gave me a birthday present today! :) I wonder if there are any more New Numbering Systems. My favorite is still D'ni, btw.

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