Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday/Quitting Day

Ok, here is the story, just so you know. I quit my job, on my Birthday, because my Boss stabbed me in the back. He knew better, and screwed me anyway. First, background story:

I was a Security Officer working for Thomas Protective Services, I have had very bad knees and other disabilities for a very long time, meaning I am restricted from doing the amount of walking, running, jumping and other physical activities that most Security Officers do. A few weeks ago I quit TPS because they screwed me, they had me work a 14 hour shift, despite the promise I was given that I wouldn't have to work a 14 hour shift. Well, I guess I didn't work the entire 14 hours, only 13.75 hours. But pretty damn close enough, damnit! I then went over to Sky Security, brought over by my boss who had quit TPS just a day before. My new employment with Sky wasn't much better than with TPS, but, there were promises of a wonderful new future with Sky, so, I went with it.

So, about 4 weeks ago or so I started working at Optima CamelView Village, patrolling around on a golf cart making sure all levels of the underground Garage are secured and safe for everybody, and doing parking enforcement. A few weeks ago I got the Flu, and was laid out for a week, with a Doctor's note requiring me to stay off duty for a week. I finally got over it, but my Boss required me to get a note from the Doctor specifically stating "no restrictions" before putting me back on the schedule. But, he didn't put me back on the schedule when he got the note, instead he kept me off the schedule till the next week, which started this Monday. So, I was out of work for 2 frakin weeks! He scheduled me for a 12 hour shift on Tuesday, October 27th, My Birthday, from 6pm to 6am, followed by a mandatory meeting at 8am that could last several hours, because he likes to yell at us and ramble on about stuff. When I got to work Tuesday, I found out that the golf cart I had always used to do patrols was not charged because the charger was screwed up, and that my boss had been pissed off and told everyone that the cart was off limits from now on.

I texted my boss asking what I should do since I can't use the cart, and he texted me back "Foot patrol, your doctor gave no restrictions". Well that pissed me off! He knows damn well that note had nothing at all to do with my disabilities and health issues and that it's context was about the Flu ONLY. And he knows damn well I got that note because he specifically required it in order to put me back on the schedule! I was so fraking mad, I quit that very fraking minute. I was on duty not much more than a half hour that night. I immediately called Dad to turn around and pick me up, so I could get home. You see, I had already asked Dad if he would give me a ride to and from work, knowing that by the time that fraking 8am meeting was over I'd be far too tired to drive safely all the way home. I turned in my stuff, and got the hell out of there. I was way too fraking mad, I was livid, and I'm still ticked off.

This is the kind of thing SHARP school pulled on me, years and years ago, when they tricked me into trying to jump rope, despite the fact that I was still recovering after having broken both of my legs! Yes, BOTH of my legs were broken, and they were screwing around trying to get me, a kid, to do PE stuff! Mother F*%(#!!! So because I jumped, ONCE, despite the fact that I collapsed in pain instantly, they used that as an excuse to claim that my Doctor's note waiving PE was invalidated, and punished me for refusing to run, jog, jump, or whatever other bullsh&^# they were trying to make me do. My punishment included not being allowed to eat lunch, and having to spend the entire lunch period outside in the hot sun on the hot cement with a jump rope I refused to use.

No body screws me like that, nobody!! And I don't frakin care how angry it makes you that I still remember the horribly hurtful things people have done to me! Those are some of my most clear memories! I'll never forget the horrors I've been through, not one kneecap dislocation, not one fraking crash, not one abuse I've ever had!


Anyway, now I'm looking for a job, and hoping against all logic that I'll get a job at a place that Is NOT insane and abusive.

Frak me...

Anyway, I also started a new diet, called HCG, on my Birthday, and so far I've lost 8 pounds, woot!