Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mad Dictator

I have often wondered, even dreamed, about being a King or something, someone who has the huge weight of power and responsibility for an entire country on his shoulders.  Would power go to my head, corrupt me, turn me into a monster?  Would it drive me insane?  That's, I think, a risk for Anyone who has power like that.  That's why I like Republics that democratically elect their leaders, and always bring in a new leader after a certain amount of time, like 4 years or something. 

But maybe the best person to govern is someone who neither Knows, nor Cares, that they have all that power, such as a lone crazy guy on an island in the middle of nowhere who talks to himself, and receives occasional visits from government people needing him to make important decisions about stuff.  Like in Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  I love that series!  I'm serious though, what if the "Leader" of a nation is really just for show, just a buffoon for people to hate or love, a front, a decoy, and the Real power resides with someone who absolutely does Not Want that power, and doesn't realize they have it?  I'm thinking the best possible person to have that kind of power is someone who doesn't want it in the first place, and couldn't care less if they lose it and would probably hand it over to someone else if they had half a chance.

So, my question about what I would do if I had that kind of power is pretty serious.  I'm not exactly the most balanced person.  I doubt my temper would win many allies.  Heck, I'd probably tick off the entire world at least on a monthly basis, just because things are too stale and I feel like shaking things up.

What would You do if you had that kind of power, the power of an absolute Dictator that everyone must obey, even if you are a really nice person?  Would you give everyone the kinds of freedoms that are enjoyed in Democratic nations?  Would you let people hold elections and choose their leaders, and step down from power?  Or would you become a figurehead for everyone to adore, like the British Royal Family?  Those people really do take their role in society very seriously, even if they do lack the absolute dictatorial power they once had.

The reason I'm posting this, really, is, Clearly Gaddafi is a mad hatter, which makes me wonder what drugs he's on, or what kind of serious mental illness he was basically born with and never treated for.  Either power went to his head and drove him insane, or something was very wrong with him long before that.

Is there something already wrong with me that I could crack and go completely off the deep end if I ever attained that kind of power?  Maybe.  In which case, I should stay away from that kind of stress, for my own good, and the good of everyone else, yah?  Well, it's not like I'd ever have the chance to be in that kind of situation anyway.

What if there was some kind of automated system to choose a random citizen of the country, and a group of people would carefully, secretly, insinuate themselves into this person's life, never letting them know they have been chosen to be the Ruler, for one period of, say, 2 years or something.  And for that entire time those secret agents carefully get to know this person, asking this person their opinion on a range of different things, hypothetical situations and such.  Never letting them absolutely know exactly what is going on.  Kind of like Ender's Game, I love that series too!!  And the "President" of the country is just the front man, a highly paid decoy, to stand in the lime light and receive all the praises or ridicule, to be the target of rage and stupidity, while the Real decisions are made by someone who has no idea at all that they have that kind of power.

Then at the end of the two years, slowly the various secret agents figure out ways to extract themselves from this person's life, move away, lose touch, etc.  And a new random citizen is chosen automatically to be The secret leader of the nation, so secret they don't even know themselves.  What if such a system could be set up?  Would the horrible problems with abuse of power finally be defeated?  Would the kind of corruption that infects governments all over the world finally be overcome?  I dunno, but I am really liking the idea the more I think about it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who do you think you are?

I've heard people ask that many times, but upon pondering the answer I would give, I am having a hard time coming up with a good answer.  I mean, after all, Who Am I?  Am I Aaron Ingebrigtsen?  I mean, that's just a name, a label, it might as well be a number, like 7.  By the way, do you know who 7 of 9 is?  If you are a Star Trek fan, you know who I'm talking about.  If not, you can remain baffled till you go look it up or something.

Who am I?  Is there a short explanation that really fits?  Libertarian, to a point, LDS all my life, poofy haired crazy nut?  Naw, guess you'll just have to settle for a Label to file me under in your mind, then add data to the file as you get to know me.  So, when someone asks me who I think I am, what do I say?  Do I say, "Uhh... Aaron."  O.o  Aaron who?  Well, I'm still trying to figure that out I guess.  Does anyone really KNOW everything they could ever possibly know about themselves, and therefore really Know who they are?

I guess I have these moments of deep perplexity, about the universe, people in general, and myself.  Hope you enjoyed the ride.  So, I'm Aaron, that's who I am, if you don't know anything else at all, too bad, guess you gotta choose to either work at getting to know me, or shrug your shoulders and ignore me.

Doo dee doo dee dooo, I want Taquitos!! :P

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Alternative Energy a Myth?

Last night while listening to Coast to Coast AM the guest talked about a lot of things, but one thing he kept saying drowned out everything else, for me.  He kept repeating that Alternative Energy is a Myth.  I could not disagree more strongly.  I was so mad last night I actually wound up going to bed with a nasty migraine.  I've seen so many great ideas, online, on youtube, and on TV, on PBS Nova, and Discovery Channel, that are fully capable of one day completely replacing all the nasty polluting energy systems we use today.

One of my favorite alternatives is the MDI Compressed Air Powered Car, I would love to get one of those and never have to buy another gallon of gasoline again!  Years ago I had an idea that a house could be powered entirely by compressed air, through underground pipes.  If the pipes burst, what harm would it cause?  So a bunch of compressed air pops, and a bunch of dirt goes flying, big deal.  That's not nearly as bad as the fires caused by natural gas pipes exploding, and electrical transformers and wires getting destroyed and blown around by storms and overloads.  And if too many systems try using the compressed air being provided, that would just reduce the air pressure a bit more than usual, rather than overload equipment, overheat transformers, and cause whole system outages.

My idea for generating the compressed air for homes doesn't involve a compressor and big tanks, like what you would probably think of.  My idea involves big weights and giant tubes, with a machine that lifts the weights when they reach the bottom of the tube.  The more tubes, the more constant the system's pressure can be, even if there is a slight power outage.  Because taking pressure from the system to provide power to homes would be purely mechanical.  If there is a Sudden drop in pressure due to a break, a burst pipe or something, a computer can sense that and instantly shut off the affected part of the system.  Rather than a cascade failure shutting down the Entire system.  The weights and tubes would be kind of like really big pistons in an engine.  And raising the weights would be done by turning, ratcheting them up, not using cables.  But, then again, maybe current Elevator technology can be adapted to do the work, they have a pretty robust cable system.

We already use pressurized water for every building in a city, it's how you get water out of your tap at the kitchen sink, or the hose in the front yard.  So, I was thinking, what if every house had a turbine at the water main that feeds to that house, converting that water movement into electricity, storing it in a battery that would provide at least a short backup for when the grid goes down.  Why not, it's going to move through that pipe anyway, right?

As far as Wind generation goes, I really do not like the big long bladed turbines, they are very inefficient, very dangerous, have to be turned into the wind to work, etc.  But there are far more efficient designs I really like.  There is one that looks like a helix, it grabs wind from All directions, and converts it very efficiently, without causing a lot of danger for things like birds.  Also there is the kind of wind generator that takes it's idea from swaying trees.  When wind blows these things, they sway, in any direction the wind blows, and the swaying itself generates power at it's base.  I love that idea!

I really like ocean wave generators, they look like connected tanks floating out on the ocean, and the slightest motion can cause them to change their angle, which then forces hydrolic fluids through turbines, which in turn generate power.  I love that.  There are so many places out on the open ocean that would be Great wave farms!

As for solar, I've seen on PBS and Discovery Channel that exciting new means of capturing the sun's energy are being used right now, that are far cheaper and better than photovoltaic cells we are used to.  For instance, we can capture CO2, and the Sun's energy, to produce algae that can then be easily turned into fuel, and lubricants, and maybe even bio-plastics!  There is a new kind of paint that turns sunlight into electricity too, it's absolutely amazing.  You could put a coat of this stuff all over your house!  There are paper thin sheets of stuff being made that is several times more efficient at turning sunlight into electricity than normal photovoltaic cells!

Alternative energy is NOT a myth.  We do NOT need to build giant generator plants, and plug them into the grid we all depend on.  We can provide every house, every building, with all they need to get completely Off the grid.  The major hurdle to doing that is Cost.  Each owner of a home, or business, would have to be able to purchase these things, or at least put in the major part of the investment.

But if it's a giant power plant you want, there are new plants being built that can turn all kinds of garbage and industrial waste into electricity, while recycling 100% of the material into pure, separated chemicals and material that can then be used to manufacture new things.  Instead of dumping everything into a giant pit in the ground, allowing the nastier stuff to leach into the soil, and water supply.  And the power plant does not pollute at all, absolutely Everything gets turned into purified materials to be used for new manufacturing, or processing, or whatever.  Imagine your entire car can be recycled, 100% of it, while at the same time generating enough power to run your house for a week, or something.  I think it is called a Plasma Reactor, but I could have something mixed up in my head.

And apparently we are close to getting widespread Cold Fusion, which has excited and intrigued scientists for a long time now.

Have you heard of the amazing Bloom Box?  These amazing thin sheets that are really really efficient at turning natural gas into electricity.  Fuel Cell technology is absolutely wonderful, it can transform hydrogen and oxygen into water, and produce electricity in the process.

We have the technology to CREATE pure water, the ability to take any water source, no matter how nasty, turn it into pure Hydrogen and Oxygen, then turn that back into Water, add a bit of minerals for taste, and you've got perfect, pure water.  I love the idea of Water as Fuel, this guy invented a technology that separates water into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas, without the massive amounts of electricity for normal electrolysis, by employing Frequency manipulation.  The molecules can be Vibrated apart.  Then the gas can be recombined in a combustion engine, and burned, just like gasoline, producing more electrical energy than is needed to continue splitting more water into gas.  Thus as long as you have plenty of water, you can generate lots of energy!

And one of my favorites for a long time now is Magnet Motor generators, I've seen so many examples on Youtube of these amazing devices, spinning at a very high RPM, which would provide a lot of electrical energy without any fuel.  And don't tell me how impossible it is, that you can't get something for nothing.  Magnetic force is itself a form of energy!  This is nothing more than converting one form of energy into another form, just like allowing the completely natural nuclear decay of radioactive material to heat water, which then turns turbines, or allowing hydrogen molecules to combine with oxygen in a fuel cell, thus making electricity in the process.  It is real, it works, and the law of the conservation of energy does not make it impossible.  If this method of making electricity is incompatible with the law of conservation, than that law is wrong, or flawed, in the first place.  Take off the blinders and see reality!

The world we live in is full of abundant energy.  Even if the idea of Abiotic Oil is true, even if there is WAY more oil underground than we've been told by the big oil corporations, I still think it's a good idea to get off our dependence on oil as fuel.  I still think there are too many pollutants, and terrible ecological risks, attached to oil.

I don't think Global Warming is caused solely by mankind, I think it's part of a cycle, something we can't stop.  I do think it is happening, and I don't think we are about to get into a new Ice Age unless Global Warming actually triggers it.  I do think we are doing bad things to this planet, and we must stop that.  By not continuing to do nasty things to our planet.  Not by forcing people to pay a Carbon Tax.  Maybe we are addicted to energy, in the US, and the Western World.  But, you know what, I don't think energy use itself is what is wrong with this planet, it's what we do to transform available resources into electricity.  Back before electricity became so widespread, it was seen as the thing that could Save people from the horrible ecological problems caused by Coal burning, wood burning, and gas burning, to provide the heat and light everyone needed.  We've all used energy, in one form or another, since we first figured out Fire!

I do not advocate people reducing power usage to pre-industrial levels, all around the world.  I would prefer that people switch to clean, renewable, energy.  Energy is not our enemy.  Pollution is.  Local pollution causes illness, and big areas of pollution can cause changes in weather, that are unpleasant, even damaging.  Pollution can be dust, smoke, nasty gasses, acid rain, etc.  We need to reduce, as much as possible, the pollution we create, in all areas of our lives, as individuals, nations, and the world.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still Unemployed

Well, I'm still Unemployed.  So much has happened in the past year.  Ups, downs, and zigzags.  Many people have told me that I write really well, that I'm very smart, and that I could really do a lot of good, and maybe make some money while I'm at it.  Could I actually be a Blogger, like what CNN and Fox look at?!  Well, maybe, maybe not.

I think I could say a lot about a lot of things, and maybe a lot of people would listen and like what I have to say.  I'm all over Facebook and stuff, lots of discussions.  Maybe if you like what you see, you could donate something to me.  I no longer accept USD online, since I no longer wish to use evil Banks, or the stupid PayPal.  Instead, please see the bottom of this page to send me Bitcoins.  I love Bitcoins!  I found out about it while on my search for alternatives to the things that control us.  I am trying to break out of the box, always, it's my path in life I guess.

So, what happened in the year and more since my last post?  Well, I did a lot of hard work on my knees, lots of physical therapy at 360 Physical Therapy, with my absolutely favorite PT, Nikki Czekaj, she is just so much fun to be around! :)  Eventually I finally managed to convince AHCCCS to allow me to get knee surgery, which my knee doctor said was necessary, and would probably do a lot of good for me.  Unfortunately, recovery was much harder for me than most people, and I still really haven't fully recovered.  It's really nice that I haven't dislocated that kneecap since. :)  It hurt a lot, you gotta believe me, surgery really sucks!!

So, that's what has really kept me busy, there is no way I could have done all that physical therapy, and surgery, while trying to get a job, or actually getting a job.  A job that does not pay too much.  Oh, yes, AHCCCS had decided to shut the doors on me just before I lost my job, but I convinced them I'd suddenly become unemployed, so they reinstated me.  AHCCCS puts a totally unfair wage cap on people, to keep them in poverty.  Either you accept the risks of having no health care in order to get a good paying job, or, you live well below the poverty line in order to get health care.  I doubt very much President Obama would fix my situation with his completely unconstitutional health care bill.

And now about the US government, Big Brother, and their true owners and operators, the PTB, the Big Banks, The FED.  When Wikileaks, which I fully support any way I can, put out those Cables, the US and a bunch of people were in a huge uproar.  Then the US Government used their substantial censorship power to shut down Wikileaks' DNS resolution, without due process, thus destroying any trust I had in ICANN's neutrality.  So I decided not only to run TOR, I2P, and Freenet, to help people continue to be free, which was only made MORE important because of what's going on in Egypt, etc., but I also decided to find alternatives to government controlled systems like ICANN.

So, I found Unified Root, which creates the Sundial Browser which is required in order to get to sites that use the alternative Top Level Domains provided by Unified Root, like http://dlife.diabetes.  And I also found The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) and switched from my normal DNS servers to theirs, in order to get to sites that use their TLDs.  Unfortunately, I can't find any place that lists any sites that use their TLDs, so right now I think it's useless.

And then I stumbled across Bitcoin, and was totally awed!  A digital currency, that is publicly traded with a bunch of other world currencies, which is distributed, and anonymous!  Wow!  This means you can use money all around the world, without banks, without centralized government control, or something like the FED that just prints up as much monopoly money as they want, any time they want, then Charge an Interest Fee to the entire US for the privilege of using THEIR currency system.

The Fed is illegal, the IRS is evil, the Income Tax system was never properly ratified and is Unconstitutional, and Bitcoin can be used to sidestep all of that!  The Fair Tax will abolish them, and I fully support it, but I really like Bitcoin too.

I can't think of anything else to mention at the moment, so, I'll get going.

Long Live Liberty!
.shorah gah bigtotee b'shehmtee