Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mad Dictator

I have often wondered, even dreamed, about being a King or something, someone who has the huge weight of power and responsibility for an entire country on his shoulders.  Would power go to my head, corrupt me, turn me into a monster?  Would it drive me insane?  That's, I think, a risk for Anyone who has power like that.  That's why I like Republics that democratically elect their leaders, and always bring in a new leader after a certain amount of time, like 4 years or something. 

But maybe the best person to govern is someone who neither Knows, nor Cares, that they have all that power, such as a lone crazy guy on an island in the middle of nowhere who talks to himself, and receives occasional visits from government people needing him to make important decisions about stuff.  Like in Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  I love that series!  I'm serious though, what if the "Leader" of a nation is really just for show, just a buffoon for people to hate or love, a front, a decoy, and the Real power resides with someone who absolutely does Not Want that power, and doesn't realize they have it?  I'm thinking the best possible person to have that kind of power is someone who doesn't want it in the first place, and couldn't care less if they lose it and would probably hand it over to someone else if they had half a chance.

So, my question about what I would do if I had that kind of power is pretty serious.  I'm not exactly the most balanced person.  I doubt my temper would win many allies.  Heck, I'd probably tick off the entire world at least on a monthly basis, just because things are too stale and I feel like shaking things up.

What would You do if you had that kind of power, the power of an absolute Dictator that everyone must obey, even if you are a really nice person?  Would you give everyone the kinds of freedoms that are enjoyed in Democratic nations?  Would you let people hold elections and choose their leaders, and step down from power?  Or would you become a figurehead for everyone to adore, like the British Royal Family?  Those people really do take their role in society very seriously, even if they do lack the absolute dictatorial power they once had.

The reason I'm posting this, really, is, Clearly Gaddafi is a mad hatter, which makes me wonder what drugs he's on, or what kind of serious mental illness he was basically born with and never treated for.  Either power went to his head and drove him insane, or something was very wrong with him long before that.

Is there something already wrong with me that I could crack and go completely off the deep end if I ever attained that kind of power?  Maybe.  In which case, I should stay away from that kind of stress, for my own good, and the good of everyone else, yah?  Well, it's not like I'd ever have the chance to be in that kind of situation anyway.

What if there was some kind of automated system to choose a random citizen of the country, and a group of people would carefully, secretly, insinuate themselves into this person's life, never letting them know they have been chosen to be the Ruler, for one period of, say, 2 years or something.  And for that entire time those secret agents carefully get to know this person, asking this person their opinion on a range of different things, hypothetical situations and such.  Never letting them absolutely know exactly what is going on.  Kind of like Ender's Game, I love that series too!!  And the "President" of the country is just the front man, a highly paid decoy, to stand in the lime light and receive all the praises or ridicule, to be the target of rage and stupidity, while the Real decisions are made by someone who has no idea at all that they have that kind of power.

Then at the end of the two years, slowly the various secret agents figure out ways to extract themselves from this person's life, move away, lose touch, etc.  And a new random citizen is chosen automatically to be The secret leader of the nation, so secret they don't even know themselves.  What if such a system could be set up?  Would the horrible problems with abuse of power finally be defeated?  Would the kind of corruption that infects governments all over the world finally be overcome?  I dunno, but I am really liking the idea the more I think about it.

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