Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Still Unemployed

Well, I'm still Unemployed.  So much has happened in the past year.  Ups, downs, and zigzags.  Many people have told me that I write really well, that I'm very smart, and that I could really do a lot of good, and maybe make some money while I'm at it.  Could I actually be a Blogger, like what CNN and Fox look at?!  Well, maybe, maybe not.

I think I could say a lot about a lot of things, and maybe a lot of people would listen and like what I have to say.  I'm all over Facebook and stuff, lots of discussions.  Maybe if you like what you see, you could donate something to me.  I no longer accept USD online, since I no longer wish to use evil Banks, or the stupid PayPal.  Instead, please see the bottom of this page to send me Bitcoins.  I love Bitcoins!  I found out about it while on my search for alternatives to the things that control us.  I am trying to break out of the box, always, it's my path in life I guess.

So, what happened in the year and more since my last post?  Well, I did a lot of hard work on my knees, lots of physical therapy at 360 Physical Therapy, with my absolutely favorite PT, Nikki Czekaj, she is just so much fun to be around! :)  Eventually I finally managed to convince AHCCCS to allow me to get knee surgery, which my knee doctor said was necessary, and would probably do a lot of good for me.  Unfortunately, recovery was much harder for me than most people, and I still really haven't fully recovered.  It's really nice that I haven't dislocated that kneecap since. :)  It hurt a lot, you gotta believe me, surgery really sucks!!

So, that's what has really kept me busy, there is no way I could have done all that physical therapy, and surgery, while trying to get a job, or actually getting a job.  A job that does not pay too much.  Oh, yes, AHCCCS had decided to shut the doors on me just before I lost my job, but I convinced them I'd suddenly become unemployed, so they reinstated me.  AHCCCS puts a totally unfair wage cap on people, to keep them in poverty.  Either you accept the risks of having no health care in order to get a good paying job, or, you live well below the poverty line in order to get health care.  I doubt very much President Obama would fix my situation with his completely unconstitutional health care bill.

And now about the US government, Big Brother, and their true owners and operators, the PTB, the Big Banks, The FED.  When Wikileaks, which I fully support any way I can, put out those Cables, the US and a bunch of people were in a huge uproar.  Then the US Government used their substantial censorship power to shut down Wikileaks' DNS resolution, without due process, thus destroying any trust I had in ICANN's neutrality.  So I decided not only to run TOR, I2P, and Freenet, to help people continue to be free, which was only made MORE important because of what's going on in Egypt, etc., but I also decided to find alternatives to government controlled systems like ICANN.

So, I found Unified Root, which creates the Sundial Browser which is required in order to get to sites that use the alternative Top Level Domains provided by Unified Root, like http://dlife.diabetes.  And I also found The Internet Names Authorization & Information Center (INAIC) and switched from my normal DNS servers to theirs, in order to get to sites that use their TLDs.  Unfortunately, I can't find any place that lists any sites that use their TLDs, so right now I think it's useless.

And then I stumbled across Bitcoin, and was totally awed!  A digital currency, that is publicly traded with a bunch of other world currencies, which is distributed, and anonymous!  Wow!  This means you can use money all around the world, without banks, without centralized government control, or something like the FED that just prints up as much monopoly money as they want, any time they want, then Charge an Interest Fee to the entire US for the privilege of using THEIR currency system.

The Fed is illegal, the IRS is evil, the Income Tax system was never properly ratified and is Unconstitutional, and Bitcoin can be used to sidestep all of that!  The Fair Tax will abolish them, and I fully support it, but I really like Bitcoin too.

I can't think of anything else to mention at the moment, so, I'll get going.

Long Live Liberty!
.shorah gah bigtotee b'shehmtee

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