Friday, November 30, 2012

Implantable GPS tracker

According to the article above, my suspicion that an implantable device the size of a grain of rice could be used to track someone via GPS satellite being total BS and bad fiction is correct.  Seeing as how my Uncle was one of the first engineers to develop the implantable RFID chip for pets, I think I've learned enough about how they work to know they can't possibly even transmit a signal without an external source.  It is the size of a grain of rice, how big could the battery be?  If it even had one, it would be the size of a grain of sand!  And that's enough to send a signal to a Satellite?!  Yah freaking right.
Even a tracking device the size of a digital watch would only have a range of a few feet.  Those tiny ear bud radios I see on movies can't have much of a signal range either, and a very tiny battery.  So even if the range was as far as 20 feet, I doubt it would last very long, maybe a couple hours, max.

Remember, any radio transmitter has to compete with allot of other signals from dozens of sources, which means you need more power to get more range.  The greater the range, the more power is needed.  A satellite is Miles above us in Space!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Assassination Politics

The only good thing about Assassination is when it is used to END a war much sooner than otherwise in order to save lives, on both sides.  If it can not achieve that end, saving more lives than it takes, then it's wrong.  It is always wrong to kill, IMHO, but sometimes killing is necessary in the defense of innocent lives.  For instance, if you are being mauled by a rabid dog, would you rather someone stand around watching you get torn up, doing nothing at all, or would you rather they kill the dog?  The poor dog is ravaged by a brain eating disease, it's not really at fault, but still, it's either you or the dog.  Which do you choose?

As for me, I'd rather they figure out a cure to the disease, tranquilize the dog, and cure it.  I consider dogs to be people too, just more like 2 or 3 year old kids than adults.  Do you abuse kids for the fun of it?  No?  Then is it OK to abuse dogs?  I say, uh,.... well... NO!!  If you like abusing animals, hurting them, demeaning them, being cruel to them, it's not much of a step up, or whatever, to start seeing humans as just meat puppets to play with too.  The connection between animal abusers and murderers and rapists is well established!  People who bathe their brains in the sick pleasures of cruelty will have little compulsion against moving on to being cruel to Humans.

So, people who kill animals without any kind of remorse, without any kind of feelings at all, are less likely to have a compulsion against killing humans.  But people who raise animals for food, and actually care about how the animals feel and live their lives, may actually feel bad about causing them pain and will be more likely to kill them Humanely.  The only humane killing of a human, BTW, is one which they choose, like when they are suffering horribly from a terminal disease, with no hope of improvement.  Those people deserve the right to die, by their choice.

But let's go back to assassination.  Perhaps we need an official Assassins Guild in our society, individuals trained to kill people in the most humane possible way, and only do so at the greatest need, like defending the lives of innocents, or when someone chooses to die they can employ an Assassin.

I read a book about Immortals, and in their society where there were still mortal people as the majority, a person had to prove that they were a great asset to society in general in order to complete the process of becoming immortal.  If they failed to do so within a certain amount of time, like 5 years or something, then the process which had begun to change that person into an immortal was halted, and the person was taken away by the Assassins, to die a humane death.  Why?  Because of population control, I guess.  You can't have Everybody ever born become immortal, right?  But the problem was eventually solved in a different and much better way much later in the book.  I won't spoil it, just find it and read it.  I can't remember what it's called, unfortunately, and I don't know how to find it.  One of the characters was an immortal named The Jacinth Martin, I think.  And they achieved immortality by genetic manipulation, drugs, and cloning, with the ability to synchronize the brains of the clones with the one that is awake and doing things.

If I were going to assassinate, say, the President of the United States, I wouldn't broadcast my intentions, or tell anyone my plans, or even keep anything at all on paper or digital form.  I'd keep it all in my head, and provide no clue whatsoever to anyone that I'm about to attempt to kill the President.  I am totally incapable of doing any such thing, but, if I were, and I were inclined to do it, that's just one of the many things I'd do.  Since I'm no assassin, and I'm disabled, there is very little chance of me doing anything like that.  In fact, my personality is such that I'd probably just throw a pie at his face.  Hahahaha!  Yah!  Pie in the face!

My Life Update NOV 28

Hi, I wanted to update everybody on what's going on with me in my life.  One, I'm finally on Disability and Medicare, which has flaming hoops to jump through and years of waiting.  I still have to jump through flaming hoops, just not as many now.  I'm disabled because of my knee, which still is not working properly after replacement surgery.  ARGH!  I am walking with a cane, and sometimes a walker.

I just got an expensive Tricycle, an Atlas, which is really nice, with a nice thick lock.  I don't ride it at night yet because I don't have a headlight for it, but I do ride it during the day. :)

Lately I've been feeling very sick, some kind of nasty cold.  I'm trying to deal with it.

I have good news, I Probably Don't have Testicular Cancer!  I say that because I've been dealing with testicular, or connected parts, pain for about 20 years now, and I'm finally going to a Urologist soon to figure out a way to finally make it stop.  Tender and painful all the time is what I've been dealing with.  The degree to which my testicles hurt changes all the time, but they almost never stop hurting.

Uhm... what else was I going to update you on?  Obviously I still have lots of opinions and beliefs, and I want to get them out to people so they actually get to know me.  I'm not very good at meeting people and making friends.  I'm not a very social person.  I tend to just stay home most of the time.  Where would I go if I did go out to hang out with strangers?  I can only go a short distance on my tricycle.  I don't yet trust myself to go all the way to the Library, and even there I won't be hanging out with people, just being quiet and reading.  That's not to say that I dislike the Library, it's actually one of my favorite places. :)

Hmmm...  Well, I can't think of anything to update everybody on, and I do mean everybody, this blog can be seen by anyone, I'm pretty sure.

Hey government spies that like to look at everything we do and say!  Bla bla bla!  And Yackety Schmackety too!

Friday, November 23, 2012

I'm Aaron and I'm a Mormon

You may not already have known this fact, but I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I want to be very clear, I am a Christian, and I try to follow the example of Christ and his teachings.  What would Jesus Do?  Would he bomb innocent people?  Would he spray deadly gas onto thousands of people?  Would he create and actually use a weapon of such terrible destructive power that the scientists who created it actually hoped it would never EVER be used?  They actually hoped the nuclear weapons they were working on would help End war, not make things any worse.  In a way, they succeeded, there is very little likelihood of a thermonuclear war, because Everybody Loses if that happens.

Ok, I'm getting off track again.  I have ADD, or Asperger's Syndrome, or both, whatever.  It's how my brain works.  I am a Kopimist, as in I share what I can with other people.  Not sharing is bad, in my view, it's being greedy and evil.  Sharing is good, it is my Religion, I believe in sharing what I can and doing what I can for others.  Since I'm a computer geek who is disabled, there is not a whole lot I can do for other people.

Anyway, I try to help where and how I can.  If I can babysit, I'll do it, for free.  If I can fix your computer, I'll do that for free too.  Why?  Because I'm a Giver, a Gift Economist, or Anarchist Communist, which ever is the right one to apply to what I believe.  I believe in giving and not forcing people to give in return.  I believe in living a life of love and sharing, not greed and evil.  I wish I didn't live in a society so very rife with evil and greed.  I wish the economic system we all use didn't massively Reward evil and greed.  It does not reward the opposite, not really.

Is Money the root of all evil?  Uhm.... sort of, yes.  It is the middle man, the intermediary for trade.  It's not actually the thing that is evil, what is evil is the greed and terrible damage created by the very concept of trade, as in giving with enforced reciprocation.  It is far better to give without enforcing reciprocation.  This is the environment in which love grows and flourishes.  Love can not flourish when people are greedy and constantly trying to get up on top of each other, pushing each other down.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Youtube Ban

I am a bit upset, still, that all of my videos on YouTube were deleted, but, all in all, I guess it wasn't as bad as going to jail.  I mean, I was, after all, breaking the law.  And I was drawing quite a few viewers to my channel too, as it turns out.  Yup, plenty of people want to see an episode or two of an old show, for nostalgia's sake, but don't want to, or can't, buy the series from Omni Film LTD for $99.99, plus shipping and handling.  And I have been highly annoyed by the number of Doctor Who Classic 1965 episodes that have been removed by the copyright owners, those frakers!  Yah, sure, it's illegal, no excuse, there will be consequences.  But, at least on Youtube, the content owner has the choice of Monetizing their content, no matter what channel it's on, so that they get a portion of the ad revenue from every single viewing of the content!  But rather than rake in the dough from the people watching that old Canadian show, The Odyssey, they had my account and all of my videos deleted.  And I'm banned from ever having a Youtube account again, or ever even commenting or voting on any video.

So, have I learned my lesson?  Yes, and no.  I've learned not to upload videos to sites like Youtube anymore.  But I'll find other ways, it just takes more effort and time, that's all.  Like, for instance, as soon as I order The Odyssey disks from Omni Film, I will have them all ripped to the hard drive as fast as I can.  Once I've ripped them, I can share them.  Just not on Youtube and other sites like it.  I bet more than Half of all the videos on sites like Youtube are "pirated" videos, copies for which the owner was not the uploader, and those sites are making tons of money on ads on all the viewings of those videos.  So, was it ME who reaped the monetary reward for copying those videos to Youtube?  Hmmm?  NO!  It was Youtube who actually, in fact, benefited monetarily from what I did.

What I did was hard, it took HOURS to upload one video, and I have to pay for rent, which then goes into the power and internet bills.  So, really, what I've done was help other people get some nostalgic enjoyment that is Totally Unavailable otherwise, and I got nothing for it.  I consider what I did to be a Public Service.  And arguing that those who created the show should earn money from it, is ridiculous, since the people who created it have long since ceased to be employed in the making of the show, and receive absolutely nothing from the DVD sales by Omni Film.  I bet Omni Film makes very little profit from the DVD sales.  I mean, sure, making copies of them costs very little, because they are mass produced, but what if no one buys them?  Then they sit around collecting dust, and it's a waste of money.  SOME people are crazy enough to buy DVDs of very old shows.  I'd love to have DVDs of all the old Doctor Who shows, all the way back to the beginning!  I really like watching those first Daleks.  As soon as I buy those DVDs I'll rip them too.

Why should only people with money to afford to buy the entertainment they like be able to enjoy it?  Why do we have free TV?  Why can't these content creators get with the times, put all of these shows Online, and monetize them?!  I don't care that I will have to see ads plastered all over a page, or have my show interrupted by video ads, that's fine, it's what I expect for something I don't pay for.  I do pay for Hulu Plus, and Crunchyroll now too, and I'm not very happy about the ads I have to sit and watch on Hulu Plus.  Why am I watching ads on something I pay for?!  I guess it's less expensive for me this way, I dunno.  If Hulu Plus had The Odyssey, and all the old Doctor Who episodes, as well as many other shows I want them to have, I would be SO much happier with it.  But they are severely restricted by what the content providers are willing to actually provide to them.  They can't even get English Dubbed Anime most of the time!!  ARGH!!!

So, I copy things, and hope that people who like what they watch and listen to will be willing to financially support the original creators of those things.  Notice I said original creators, not copyright owners.  The owners of copyrights are not necessarily the people who created the content, they are merely the people who own the rights.  If I am working at a company, part of the employee contract I have to sign in order to get hired says that everything I think up and create while I'm there is owned by Them, that I have no rights to any of it.  How is that fair?!  If it's MY idea, does that not mean it's My "intellectual property"?

Well the funny thing about ideas and creativity is that we are all awash in each others ideas and thoughts all the time, and are inspired by so many things that it is impossible to truly claim ownership on Any idea you come up with.  I don't care what it is, you probably thought of it while watching or listening to the thoughts and ideas of other people, which we are all constantly mentally bathed in all the time.  Just because it fermented and percolated into your brain first doesn't mean much.  How many times have you thought of something you thought was really cool, only to find out that someone else thought of it first and marketed it and it is out on store shelves?

Oh, and copyright law itself is so evil!  Did you know that according to US copyright law an intellectual property remains under the sole control of one entity for LIFE plus 60 years?!  It doesn't matter that it's a corporation that owns it, as long as that entity exists, they own the copyright.  It used to be that a monopoly on intellectual property could only last a few years, then it would go to the Public Domain.  But now things are actually REVERSING!  Companies are now grabbing things from the Public Domain and claiming copyright on them!!!  Seriously?!  That's OK?!

What would happen of patent laws regarding drugs worked the same way?  What if a drug could be owned by one company, for LIFE plus 60 years?!  Bye bye generic drugs, bye bye competition, bye bye lower prices and health care coverage to pay for those drugs.  That's right, my health care coverage sometimes won't pay for the drugs I need, unless there is a generic equivalent available.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Solavei is not a scam

Ok, so, I have a phone I bought recently so I can use it with Solavei, a phone and social networking company that also provides an MLM opportunity for those who want it.  One of the big arguments I've heard about it is that it's a scam, a Pyramid Scheme.  Let me explain to you the difference between a Multi-Level Marketing company, and a Pyramid Scheme.

An MLM company is a provider of a real product or service that people actually need or want, like diet food products from Herbalife, for instance.  I really like Herbalife, I really like their diet products, and they provide an MLM opportunity to people who want to try to make money by helping people get products from Herbalife.  I didn't have to participate in order to get my products, I just ordered from a local lady who was in the MLM structure.  She got a percentage of the action somehow, and I got great products and a great price, everybody is happy!

A Pyramid Scheme on the other hand is when some guy comes up with an idea to dupe people into giving him money for nothing in return other than this idea he had for duping people into giving money for nothing in return!  He gets some friends or family or both to give him money, say $50 each, and then they go and do the same, and with each person they join into the system a portion of money goes to the top. So the top guy is always getting the most money, as money trickles up from the bottom.  One day, though, there will be something I call Saturation, where people can't convince people to join, because everybody that can be convinced has already joined, and those who can't be, simply won't join.  When that happens people start dropping out of the program from the bottom, having earned nothing, and lost money in the process.  That is when the whole thing begins to fall apart and crumble from the bottom up, like dominoes falling.  Sooner or later the entire Pyramid crashes, and the guy at the top has most of the money.  The next level has a bit less, and so on down the line.  In the end, it's a huge scam that hurts everybody on the very bottom when it finally collapses.

The Pyramid Schemes that somehow survive the legal issues are able to do so by selling lists of people to call, or email, or whatever.  So rather than giving money for nothing in return, you are buying something, which means the scam is allowed to continue without being shut down by the Law.  In an MLM, a legitimate business, a REAL benefit is possible without getting into the MLM side, if you want to be just a regular customer, but if you want to be in the business of getting people the products or services they want, you can earn money by helping the company.  That is what a real MLM does, it is not a Pyramid Scheme, or a scam.

With Solavei you can be just a regular customer, you pay $49 a month, plus applicable taxes, for unlimited Talk, Text, and 4G data!  No hidden fees, no contracts!  If you want to be in the business, the MLM side of it, you can pay an extra one time fee like I did to become a Social Member, which means you can get people to join Solavei under you, which means you earn money.  My Sister Shantal has already not only joined enough people under her to get FREE phone service for the rest of her life, but also gets PAID by the phone company every month!  How cool is that?!


Just in case you have not yet noticed, I'm an Intactivist, among other things.  Just because I'm a Mormon does not mean I agree with others in my Church about Routine Infant Circumcision.  I am so totally against it, I'd probably become violent in the defense of my own child, if I had one.  It's a deal breaker.  If I'm on a date with a girl, and we Might start being serious, this is one of the things I would discuss with her before going any further.  If she would most definitely have her son circumcised, I'm not going any further until she changes her mind, Period!  That's the definition of a deal breaker.

A good friend of mine, who is a medical graduate, is totally for Infant Circumcision, because it supposedly prevents UTI, Urinary Tract Infection.  To this I call BS!  First of all UTI among males is rare, and second about 70% of males in the World are not circumcised.  And even among those who Do get UTI only a fraction are likely to be tested for it because the symptoms are so similar to a cold.  In either case it is easy to treat with anti-biotics.

I saw a totally bogus study recently that claimed to confirm the idea that circumcision prevents infant UTI.  I call BS on the study because they made it Biased from the very start!  First of all, they only studied baby boys who had been sent to the hospital to be tested for UTI, which was mostly uncircumcised baby boys, because of the Assumption already prevalent in the medical field that circumcised babies are less likely to get UTI!  So when they tested those babies, Shocker, Surprise, more of the uncircumcised babies had UTI than the circumcised babies!  But, here is the added layer of BS, only a small number of the uncircumcised babies that had been sent to be tested for UTI actually Had UTI.  So even then, the doctors were wrong about the majority of the babies!  This study is absolute bunk!

I never realized the penis could heal wrong and cause skin bridges that are not only ugly, but painful, and can be prone to infections.  Until I saw the Botched Gallery. If you don't want your kid to grow up with skin bridges or other nasty issues, don't get him circumcised!

And here is 50 reasons to leave it alone, yay!


Anatomy of the Penis: Penile and Foreskin Neurology

Your Uncircumcised Genitalia - How much was cut off without your consent?

Facing Circumcision: Eight Physicians Tell Their Stories

CIRCUMCISION: Know the Facts BEFORE you do it on your child

Child Circumcision: an Elephant in the Hospital from Ryan McAllister on Vimeo.