Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Life Update NOV 28

Hi, I wanted to update everybody on what's going on with me in my life.  One, I'm finally on Disability and Medicare, which has flaming hoops to jump through and years of waiting.  I still have to jump through flaming hoops, just not as many now.  I'm disabled because of my knee, which still is not working properly after replacement surgery.  ARGH!  I am walking with a cane, and sometimes a walker.

I just got an expensive Tricycle, an Atlas, which is really nice, with a nice thick lock.  I don't ride it at night yet because I don't have a headlight for it, but I do ride it during the day. :)

Lately I've been feeling very sick, some kind of nasty cold.  I'm trying to deal with it.

I have good news, I Probably Don't have Testicular Cancer!  I say that because I've been dealing with testicular, or connected parts, pain for about 20 years now, and I'm finally going to a Urologist soon to figure out a way to finally make it stop.  Tender and painful all the time is what I've been dealing with.  The degree to which my testicles hurt changes all the time, but they almost never stop hurting.

Uhm... what else was I going to update you on?  Obviously I still have lots of opinions and beliefs, and I want to get them out to people so they actually get to know me.  I'm not very good at meeting people and making friends.  I'm not a very social person.  I tend to just stay home most of the time.  Where would I go if I did go out to hang out with strangers?  I can only go a short distance on my tricycle.  I don't yet trust myself to go all the way to the Library, and even there I won't be hanging out with people, just being quiet and reading.  That's not to say that I dislike the Library, it's actually one of my favorite places. :)

Hmmm...  Well, I can't think of anything to update everybody on, and I do mean everybody, this blog can be seen by anyone, I'm pretty sure.

Hey government spies that like to look at everything we do and say!  Bla bla bla!  And Yackety Schmackety too!

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