Friday, November 16, 2012

Solavei is not a scam

Ok, so, I have a phone I bought recently so I can use it with Solavei, a phone and social networking company that also provides an MLM opportunity for those who want it.  One of the big arguments I've heard about it is that it's a scam, a Pyramid Scheme.  Let me explain to you the difference between a Multi-Level Marketing company, and a Pyramid Scheme.

An MLM company is a provider of a real product or service that people actually need or want, like diet food products from Herbalife, for instance.  I really like Herbalife, I really like their diet products, and they provide an MLM opportunity to people who want to try to make money by helping people get products from Herbalife.  I didn't have to participate in order to get my products, I just ordered from a local lady who was in the MLM structure.  She got a percentage of the action somehow, and I got great products and a great price, everybody is happy!

A Pyramid Scheme on the other hand is when some guy comes up with an idea to dupe people into giving him money for nothing in return other than this idea he had for duping people into giving money for nothing in return!  He gets some friends or family or both to give him money, say $50 each, and then they go and do the same, and with each person they join into the system a portion of money goes to the top. So the top guy is always getting the most money, as money trickles up from the bottom.  One day, though, there will be something I call Saturation, where people can't convince people to join, because everybody that can be convinced has already joined, and those who can't be, simply won't join.  When that happens people start dropping out of the program from the bottom, having earned nothing, and lost money in the process.  That is when the whole thing begins to fall apart and crumble from the bottom up, like dominoes falling.  Sooner or later the entire Pyramid crashes, and the guy at the top has most of the money.  The next level has a bit less, and so on down the line.  In the end, it's a huge scam that hurts everybody on the very bottom when it finally collapses.

The Pyramid Schemes that somehow survive the legal issues are able to do so by selling lists of people to call, or email, or whatever.  So rather than giving money for nothing in return, you are buying something, which means the scam is allowed to continue without being shut down by the Law.  In an MLM, a legitimate business, a REAL benefit is possible without getting into the MLM side, if you want to be just a regular customer, but if you want to be in the business of getting people the products or services they want, you can earn money by helping the company.  That is what a real MLM does, it is not a Pyramid Scheme, or a scam.

With Solavei you can be just a regular customer, you pay $49 a month, plus applicable taxes, for unlimited Talk, Text, and 4G data!  No hidden fees, no contracts!  If you want to be in the business, the MLM side of it, you can pay an extra one time fee like I did to become a Social Member, which means you can get people to join Solavei under you, which means you earn money.  My Sister Shantal has already not only joined enough people under her to get FREE phone service for the rest of her life, but also gets PAID by the phone company every month!  How cool is that?!

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