Thursday, November 22, 2012

Youtube Ban

I am a bit upset, still, that all of my videos on YouTube were deleted, but, all in all, I guess it wasn't as bad as going to jail.  I mean, I was, after all, breaking the law.  And I was drawing quite a few viewers to my channel too, as it turns out.  Yup, plenty of people want to see an episode or two of an old show, for nostalgia's sake, but don't want to, or can't, buy the series from Omni Film LTD for $99.99, plus shipping and handling.  And I have been highly annoyed by the number of Doctor Who Classic 1965 episodes that have been removed by the copyright owners, those frakers!  Yah, sure, it's illegal, no excuse, there will be consequences.  But, at least on Youtube, the content owner has the choice of Monetizing their content, no matter what channel it's on, so that they get a portion of the ad revenue from every single viewing of the content!  But rather than rake in the dough from the people watching that old Canadian show, The Odyssey, they had my account and all of my videos deleted.  And I'm banned from ever having a Youtube account again, or ever even commenting or voting on any video.

So, have I learned my lesson?  Yes, and no.  I've learned not to upload videos to sites like Youtube anymore.  But I'll find other ways, it just takes more effort and time, that's all.  Like, for instance, as soon as I order The Odyssey disks from Omni Film, I will have them all ripped to the hard drive as fast as I can.  Once I've ripped them, I can share them.  Just not on Youtube and other sites like it.  I bet more than Half of all the videos on sites like Youtube are "pirated" videos, copies for which the owner was not the uploader, and those sites are making tons of money on ads on all the viewings of those videos.  So, was it ME who reaped the monetary reward for copying those videos to Youtube?  Hmmm?  NO!  It was Youtube who actually, in fact, benefited monetarily from what I did.

What I did was hard, it took HOURS to upload one video, and I have to pay for rent, which then goes into the power and internet bills.  So, really, what I've done was help other people get some nostalgic enjoyment that is Totally Unavailable otherwise, and I got nothing for it.  I consider what I did to be a Public Service.  And arguing that those who created the show should earn money from it, is ridiculous, since the people who created it have long since ceased to be employed in the making of the show, and receive absolutely nothing from the DVD sales by Omni Film.  I bet Omni Film makes very little profit from the DVD sales.  I mean, sure, making copies of them costs very little, because they are mass produced, but what if no one buys them?  Then they sit around collecting dust, and it's a waste of money.  SOME people are crazy enough to buy DVDs of very old shows.  I'd love to have DVDs of all the old Doctor Who shows, all the way back to the beginning!  I really like watching those first Daleks.  As soon as I buy those DVDs I'll rip them too.

Why should only people with money to afford to buy the entertainment they like be able to enjoy it?  Why do we have free TV?  Why can't these content creators get with the times, put all of these shows Online, and monetize them?!  I don't care that I will have to see ads plastered all over a page, or have my show interrupted by video ads, that's fine, it's what I expect for something I don't pay for.  I do pay for Hulu Plus, and Crunchyroll now too, and I'm not very happy about the ads I have to sit and watch on Hulu Plus.  Why am I watching ads on something I pay for?!  I guess it's less expensive for me this way, I dunno.  If Hulu Plus had The Odyssey, and all the old Doctor Who episodes, as well as many other shows I want them to have, I would be SO much happier with it.  But they are severely restricted by what the content providers are willing to actually provide to them.  They can't even get English Dubbed Anime most of the time!!  ARGH!!!

So, I copy things, and hope that people who like what they watch and listen to will be willing to financially support the original creators of those things.  Notice I said original creators, not copyright owners.  The owners of copyrights are not necessarily the people who created the content, they are merely the people who own the rights.  If I am working at a company, part of the employee contract I have to sign in order to get hired says that everything I think up and create while I'm there is owned by Them, that I have no rights to any of it.  How is that fair?!  If it's MY idea, does that not mean it's My "intellectual property"?

Well the funny thing about ideas and creativity is that we are all awash in each others ideas and thoughts all the time, and are inspired by so many things that it is impossible to truly claim ownership on Any idea you come up with.  I don't care what it is, you probably thought of it while watching or listening to the thoughts and ideas of other people, which we are all constantly mentally bathed in all the time.  Just because it fermented and percolated into your brain first doesn't mean much.  How many times have you thought of something you thought was really cool, only to find out that someone else thought of it first and marketed it and it is out on store shelves?

Oh, and copyright law itself is so evil!  Did you know that according to US copyright law an intellectual property remains under the sole control of one entity for LIFE plus 60 years?!  It doesn't matter that it's a corporation that owns it, as long as that entity exists, they own the copyright.  It used to be that a monopoly on intellectual property could only last a few years, then it would go to the Public Domain.  But now things are actually REVERSING!  Companies are now grabbing things from the Public Domain and claiming copyright on them!!!  Seriously?!  That's OK?!

What would happen of patent laws regarding drugs worked the same way?  What if a drug could be owned by one company, for LIFE plus 60 years?!  Bye bye generic drugs, bye bye competition, bye bye lower prices and health care coverage to pay for those drugs.  That's right, my health care coverage sometimes won't pay for the drugs I need, unless there is a generic equivalent available.

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