Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Bank

If I were to start a bank, I'd do things very differently from the other banks.  First of all I'd have it run 24/7, just like a convenience store.  Second, I'd have a nice big restroom for the public, anyone can use it as long as they don't make a terrible mess. I hate it when people write things on the walls and stuff.  Third, it would most definitely not be an "investment bank".  My bank would not touch a penny of your money, once you put it in, it stays put!  Period!  If there were a run on My bank, it would be just fine, because not one penny of the money you put in your account would go anywhere.  No loans of other people's money.  I'd charge a nominal monthly fee, the same across the board, for the service of keeping everybody's money safe.

I'm not sure what the requirements are for FDIC insurance, but I think it's a good idea to insure the bank against robbery and disaster.  So no one loses their money.  My bank would let people trade in international and digital currencies, including my favorite, Bitcoin.  And I'd have several computers dedicated to Bitcoin Mining, so the bank could make some money on the side.  If I do make any loans to anyone it would only be with the bank's own money, not with anyone else's money.  Since that could take a while to build up, I guess I wouldn't be loaning money for a while.  Oh yes, no Savings accounts either.  Your money will stay put, it won't decrease, but it won't increase either.  If you fail to pay the monthly fee I'll kindly ask you to withdraw your money and close your account.  No free loaders in a business, you know.  Unless I decide that my bank will be a Gift Economy based bank, in which case I won't charge anyone anything at all and will have to exist solely on donations.  A not for profit bank, who ever heard of that?  It might not be possible to remain in business very long, but, I rather like the idea of providing banking services for free, with no fees of any kind at all.

Even if I can't provide banking services for free, absolutely no fees whatsoever, with nothing but donations to keep things going, I'd still try my very best to make my bank the friendliest bank,period.  I would not make profit the basis for it's operation.  I would make People and their property protection the basis of it's operation.  If the idea just won't work, oh well.  If it were going to go out of business I'd give everyone their money back and shut the doors.  It may, in fact, be the worst idea I've had yet.

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