Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Global Warming debate gives me Headaches!

A really active place to get info about the environment and talk about it is my favorite forum, Imaginative Worlds, in the Environmental - Geological - Nature - Weather Worlds section.  There are good friends of mine there who say Global Warming is not man caused, that it's a natural cycle.  If that is true, then aren't we at least contributing negatively to the environment in general, and the global energy balance specifically?

The other day some friends of mine on Facebook who believe it IS man caused really pounded me into the floor with their arguments and facts, until I finally decided that I guess it probably is man caused.  Then a very good friend of mine who I see once in a while who constantly rails against man made global warming sent me some other stuff that seems to refute the claims extremely well.  And there is this scientist, who wrote a book, who says that we are about to head into a new Ice Age!  He backs up this crazy claim with all sorts of facts showing global cooling effects.

And it's all making my head hurt!  It hurts!  Stop making my head hurt, please!  Please?!  Look, why does it matter so freaking much whether I believe it is man caused, or not?  I can't do anything to stop what ever is going on, even if the human race is solely responsible for it.  All of the electricity I use at home comes from hydroelectric dams, and maybe a couple of nuclear power plants, so it doesn't matter what kind of bulbs I use, or whether I use any electricity at all, not one watt contributes negatively to the environment!  And I can't quit using gasoline to power the mini-van, that's the only fuel I can use, unless someone wants to pay for an Air Car and give it to me for free, I would LOVE that.  The USA is not the only country that is totally addicted to Oil, most of our economy would absolutely implode if Oil stopped, totally, instantly, Today.

I do think it is a good idea to develop alternative energy technologies of all sorts.  I do want us to stop using oil and coal, and stop polluting and stuff.  But I don't think CO2 should be considered a toxic pollutant.  All life on Earth is carbon based.  All animal life breaths out CO2, and all plant life breaths it in.  Instead of blaming humanity for CO2, which is Not the only source of CO2, how about grow more plants?  We can run CO2 through plastic pipes filled with water and algae, which suck it up and grow like crazy, then convert the algae into fuel and lubricant.  It's already being done.  We can capture carbon and bury it, that's already being done.  There are really amazing technologies being developed, let's support them.

I feel like I'm in the middle of a Tug Of War between two sides.  I don't want to be on either side.  I don't have the ability to change the world one way or the other.  It's not important to change My mind on this issue.  How about you all duke it out and don't drag me into it anymore, ok?  So, I suggest continuing the debate on Imaginative Worlds, but you can post comments here on my blog.  Just, please, no more arguing with me on Facebook, it hurts my head.  I'm not strictly on one side or the other on this, I just don't Want to be.  What I really want, desperately, is to escape this planet full of incomprehensible beings.  I feel like an alien visitor trying to make sense of the human race much of the time.

Here are the links my man caused Global Warming friends sent me:

Is there a scientific consensus on global warming?

Global Warming

And this is what my very good friend, who disagrees with man caused global warming, sent me:

"Considering only James Hansen is in the camp of "people are causing global warming" and all the research proving otherwise I'd say anyone who supports it is full of it.










 - (not sure about this one)









This is just the tip of the ice burg, use it as you see fit."


  1. jeri,tonti26/2/13 1:23 PM

    hi there...me thinks there is a difference between man made pollution (toxic environment stuff) and global warming( earth changes from the sun)...one is just man made crap.which can and should be dealt with,the other is the sun...duck and cover may be the answer to that...

  2. I agree, not much we can do about what the Sun is up to. We can change our own behavior, but when Nature comes knocking, it's best to Hide, or Run! I prefer hiding since I can't run. But even a nasty thunder storm scares the crap out of me in this tin box of a house. I swear, the walls move when the wind gusts, the mirror on the wall has bounced a quarter of an inch! Not very much bounce, but still, it Bounced! If we get hit by a micro burst again, like the one that lifted our car port awning up and threw it over the roof of the house mangling our TV antenna, I don't know what will happen! Just because I'm screaming that the sky is falling sometimes, that doesn't mean it isn't!