Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ticked off at Church!

I really don't enjoy going to Church and feeling really ticked off!  I went to Stake Conference, and the Stake President made some remarks about The Church's stance on marriage and the family.  He said that it doesn't matter what other people think.  It doesn't even matter what the Constitution says.  All that matters is what the scriptures say.  Really?  So we should stone people for working on the sabbath?  And we should not only have slaves, we should circumcise them too?  I can show you dozens of nasty things in the Old Testament especially.  I do Not appreciate being told at Church to oppose Liberty by supporting anti-gay legislation.  I've explained on my blog, Facebook, and elsewhere, that I am a Libertarian first!  I believe in Liberty above all else!  The Stake President was going on and on about how the Church stands for religious Liberty, and yet they support the religious Oppression of an entire group of people!

If marriage is a religious issue, then people have the right to believe differently than you, and marry differently than you, so gay marriage is a Religious Liberty!  If it is a civil issue, just a contractual arrangement, then it is a Civil Liberty!  You can not claim to defend Liberty while in the same sentence attack another's Liberty!

If you think gays have no rights because there is no specific provision in the Constitution, then you have no right to eat hot dogs and play football either!  The Constitution was never intended to limit Our rights and powers, it was written to limit the Government, and give Us all the power!

My core belief system is simple, and absolutely everything else grows from it.  I believe in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, in that order!  Life is like the soil, Liberty is the seed or roots, and the Pursuit of Happiness is the tree trunk.  All of my religious and political beliefs are leaves on the branches of that tree.  Prop 8 and similar legislation is an evil shovel attacking the roots of my tree!  The hatred or misguided beliefs wielding that shovel are wrong!

If you are against Liberty, you are my enemy.  I don't care how you choose to live your life.  I don't care who or what you marry, you can marry a tree for all I care.

If you think your marriage or your family are somehow threatened by gay people exercising their Liberty to live their lives as they choose, you are seriously deluded!  To a child all that matters is life, health, and love.  The sex of their parents or guardians has no effect at all on them.  Ask any kid with a gay mother or father.  Stop making stupid assumptions about the supposed harm of homosexuality.  They are not harming you in any way!

First do no harm is a pretty darn good start on how to decide what to do, every single time, every single day.  Stop trampling all over the Constitution!


  1. Although I think that libertarianism can be carried to the extreme, I of course support the broadest interpretation of personal rights consistent with living in a pluralistic society.

    Whatever differences I may have with the author, I am in full agreement on these issues and admire his ideological consistency in taking what traditionally has not been considered a "conservative" view on homosexuality and gay marriage. IN my experience, most people who call themselves libertarian also consider themselves conservative. It is always nice to meet someone who understands the real meaning of the term!

    1. Thank you very much for your wonderful comment. :) It is much appreciated. Whatever differences we may have on various things, please know that I hold you in high regard. I can definitely say that I disagree with Everyone about at least one thing. But that doesn't mean we must therefore battle each other until one is the victor over the other. We can simply disagree and leave it alone.

      I've discovered that a great many Conservatives, as well as Liberals, really only care about defending the particular rights they themselves like, but not others. I take the possibly radical view that ALL rights, which have not been set aside for the States or Federal Government by the Constitution, are Inalienable individual rights of all citizens in the USA, regardless of our personal feelings about them. If you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married, there, problem solved. To me it's a no brainer.

      If you don't like a particular activity, don't do it. If you don't like a particular food, don't eat it. If you don't like a particular tool, don't use it. It seems extremely simple to me, and yet far too many people seem to think that they can impose their own likes or dislikes on everyone else, and still think they defend "rights" and "freedom". Well, sorry, but from my viewpoint either we are ALL free, or none of us really is.

      I don't know what extremes Libertarians have been known to go to, or what extremes are bad regarding Libertarianism. But perhaps one is the idea of the free market unfettered by any sort of laws regarding the behavior of the businesses and investors. I think what they did to Martha Stewart was a terrible injustice, I think insider trading could only exist if businesses are allowed to obscure what is really going on from their investors, which I think is wrong. If I'm going to invest in something, I want an open book, so I can make informed decisions! If there is no accurate and timely information, it is exactly the same as gambling in a casino! The government's role should be as arbiter, in most cases, in our society. To resolve disputes between two parties. Not to over regulate business into the ground, and grind the economy to a halt. Where one party feels wronged they should be able to resolve the issue in court, other than that most things should be left alone, IMHO.

      But, I do think we have become far too litigious in our society today, frivolous law suits being flung around, with the help of over paid lawyers, is doing great damage unnecessarily. Doctors, for instance, are walking a razor's edge every day, any small slip up could mean a very expensive court battle. I don't know what to do about that. I don't suggest killing all the lawyers. In a complex legal system such as ours, well educated lawyers are a must in order to defend yourself properly. Without lawyers to defend the accused, I fear a great many more innocent people will be sucked into the private prison system.

      And that's another one of my big gripes, the private prison system invites corruption, it makes it very tempting to do a lot of unjust things in order to increase prison populations, which is something our society should Not be focused on. We should be trying to Reduce, and Prevent, crime. Prison was originally meant to act as a deterrent, but it no longer seems to be doing so very well. We have far too many people in prison in this country, which is a very bad sign for our society in general, IMHO.

      Well, I need to stop rambling. Anyway, thank you for commenting. :)