Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Board Game Geek!!

My Dad has an obsession with board games, and I do too now.  I love playing the games he researches and makes his own version of.  We even collaborated and made a game based on Quandary that we called Kleftik.  Maybe it needs a new name.  Maybe forvirring?  Anyway, one of my current favorites is called Ca$hflow, a financial education game.  It's Way better than Monopoly, OMFG!  But the physical game seems expensive.  The 101 and 202 games cost a pretty penny, let me tell you.  So, want to see all the games we have?  Dad's given stacks of them to various people, but we are still bursting with games, and he keeps making more.

Video game?  Pffff, I get bored with most of them pretty fast.  I mean, it doesn't take much thinking to level grind on RPGs, it's rather annoying actually, and for action games my brain and body don't always cooperate well enough.  Argh!  I enjoy strategy and puzzle games.  Myst for instance, hence my obsession with all things D'ni.

Don't get me started on card games, please, they will Always come second, for me, Board Games Rule!  And I'm not talking about those enormously complicated Table games, with expensive figurines and numerous huge rule books.  Oh, heck no, that stuff makes my head hurt.  Strategy is great, I just hate all that reading and measuring with rulers, and painstaking model building, and figurine painting, etc.  My Brother in law is really big on that stuff.  But he invented an awesome board game that I can't wait to get a copy of!  I'll update on that later in a comment.

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