Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Facebook sucks

I'm starting to get really weary of Facebook.  So many people offended by mere facts, attacking me, belittling me, victim shaming me.  Look, I'm sorry you feel offended by the truth, but that's on you, not me.  I feel like a victim, I feel betrayed and hurt.  It is No fun being in pain all the time!  You may think that torturing babies is a freaking great idea, but I most certainly do not.  And I will not just stand idly by and not speak up!  Don't like it?  Block me.  When you attack me, call me nasty names, and victim shame me, how do you think that makes me feel?

Do you think I enjoy arguing with mean, horrible, people?  No.  Far from it.  In fact, the stress gets to me, and causes my chronic chest pain and heart arrhythmia to get worse.  When you use horrible hurtful words, my heart responds instantly, I have no control over that.  It might just decide to stop beating altogether.  And yet I keep trying to inform, educate, and convince people to stop hurting and killing babies.  Maybe it's not worth it after all.  Maybe all the pain and suffering I put myself through in order to try to get through to people isn't worth it.  Is it?  Am I beating myself up for nothing?  Should I just quit?  Should I ONLY use Facebook for cute pictures of kittens, and family updates?  That's all Dad uses it for.  He's constantly surprised at my being upset by Facebook posts.  He thinks I'm crazy to be involved with people who say such hurtful things.  He thinks it's extremely unhealthy for me.  It probably is!

Let me tell you something, Apathy is a cancer on society.  When people stop caring what happens to other people, that is when society begins to break and crumble.  Our society is not top down, it's bottom up.  It starts at family, and goes up to neighborhood, city, and so on.  If you don't give two shakes of your right leg what happens to me or anyone else, you are infected with the disease that Will be the death of our society.  Believe it.  It's a fact.

Oh, and there are other things that make Facebook suck.  The "Others" box, for instance.  Did you know that All PMs that do not come from friends wind up in that box, and Facebook does not tell you about it?  Not one notification!  Sure I've seen a lot of spam in there, but there were also some nice messages I would have liked to have seen!  And there is the news ticker, or as I call it, the spy ticker, showing you every single little comment and post I'm making.  Aaah!  I'm trying not to bombard my family with my Intactivism, because I really do not want to upset anyone and get into any fights!  But if anyone in my family is spying on me with that ticker, there goes my strategy.  And no, I cannot hide everything from that darn ticker!  So many reasons to really be mad at Facebook right now.  Aaaargh!

So, I'm feeling a bit depressed at the moment.  I want some chocolate.

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