Monday, January 12, 2015

Does God Punish us?

This is just my opinion/belief, not provable or proven facts, so take it all with a few giant grains of salt.

I don't think God Punishes us, like "Obey or I smack you!".  I think he is more like a well-spring of Light, Wisdom, Knowledge, Love, Creativity, and Blessings.  And when we turn away from Him, it is like turning off a light in an otherwise pitch dark room.  If you do that, then stumble into a table and hurt yourself, do you then claim that the light you turned off is punishing you?

I think God created this natural universe to have natural consequences, then put us here to experience things.  We don't always understand why we are experiencing something we don't want to experience.  We suffer.  We have sorrow.  There is a reason this existence is called the Vale of Tears.  I think God wants to help us as much as we will allow him to, but will only intervene when we allow him to, and when it is going to help us learn something important.

The existence without pain, without suffering, and without sorrow is what we all had before we came here.  It was not an educational environment, we couldn't possibly learn what we need to in order to become Gods ourselves.  We Chose to come here, knowing full well how hard it would be, in order to gain what we need to become just like our Creator.

You are going through what you need to experience, what you Chose to experience in the pre-mortal existence, it is not God's fault.  If God intervened in order to make it so Good people Only experience good things, and Bad people Only experience bad things, everyone, all of us, would stop learning what we came here to learn.  We would stop learning things like Empathy and Compassion for others.  Things like Unconditional Love, acceptance of imperfections in others, would simply never exist.

If you have been abused, horribly, I'm sorry.  I wish it hadn't happened, but hopefully, somehow, something good will come of your experience.  Like, wanting to help others who have been similarly abused.  Being a supportive friend, a shoulder to lean on.  If you had never gone through that, do you believe you would feel what you do now for others going through those things?

Peace to you.