Friday, February 22, 2019

AGW is a Hoax!!

Hey, listen, I get how easy it is to be fooled by lies told by people you trust. But you Need to Open Your Eyes and Realize that you’ve been deceived!
Anthropogenic Global Warming is a HOAX!!! If you don’t even know what that means, I’ll explain. Anthropo=Human, like Anthropology, the study of humanity. Genic=caused by, or causing, as in a Generator of electricity. Anthropogenic=Human Caused, or Humans are Causing.
So, AGW means the Idea, or Theory, that YOU and I are causing the Climate of Earth to warm up in a catastrophically runaway heating effect that will wipe out all of humanity, and we only have a limited time to reverse the catastrophe! Aaaaaaaah!
Except it’s not actually happening. Like, At All. It’s all LIES. Why? Money, why else? Just look at who gains from all this CO2 Fear Mongering! And you say look at the science?! Science has been corrupted by money. The more money being pumped in by big money interests, the more pronounced the corruption. Like falsified data, ignoring data that doesn’t fit the models being created to fit the narrative, etc.
Below I’m going to post everything I’ve got in my Pinterest board on this subject, since AGW Fools, People who have been Fooled by the AGW Liars, actually think that if something is on Pinterest it can’t possibly constitute proof of anything. But guess what? Pinterest is a Pinboard, a picture-based BOOKMARK site. It’s Bookmarks!!! #agwhoax #climatechange